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  1. batman


    i, thanks for the welcome. Just uploaded the photos to photobucket. First photo is of saturn (when I finally managed to hold the camera straight) next photo is of saturn again, but quite blurry, but I noticed I could see some stars that weren't visible with the naked eye then I've just spent a couple of minutes messing around with brightness etc I have got photoshop so will try and make it better later on AS we were packing up we noticed something strange in the sky, it was a bright white object that was travelling pretty fast, went from the west horizon to the east in about 3 minutes, looked circular with the naked eye, but I took a photo on my phone with 4x digital zoom and got this I have no idea what it was, I can't imagine the s shape is because I wasn't holding the camera straight and didn't think it was a satellite because it was moving too fast, any ideas anyone?
  2. batman


    Hello everyone New to the forum and been out tonight as my step dad has a telescope and thought I would try and get some pictures. I was amazed that I got the quality that I did with just holding a mobile phone camera up to the lens! Got a couple of photos of saturn and a few with the stars in the background, just wondered if anyone on here is good at photo editing? to make the stars stand out more on the photo. I will upload the photos in the morning.
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