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  1. Hello dear friends! I'm in need of help! haha. For some reason when I connect my Meade LX200 to my laptop (Toshiba Qosmio with intel i5... there is alot of lagging. Is there a way to NOT track the telescope and only give the telescope commands? ie.slew over to a specified object Sam
  2. You're able to see a SN within M51?? Are we talking about visual observing?? I've observed M51 several times but I have never been able to make out the disk structure.. I suppose its because I observe visually. Are you guys imaging or visually observing? Also, how dark are your skies on the Bortle scale?! Sam
  3. Those calculators calculate the limiting magnitude in the sense that it is the dimmest star visible near the zenith. If im not mistaken, the limiting magnitude for galaxies would be less than the limiting magnitude for stars since the magnitude given is dispersed over the size of the galaxy, right? For example, its possible to see a 13th magnitude star but not a 13th magnitude galaxy. Is this correct?
  4. My first telescope was a 10'' Celestron skywatcher dob! I actually sold it last year . Kindest regards, Sam
  5. Hello dear friends, I am a new member of this site. I must say, I find it very entertaining and practical! I was hoping someone could provide me with some information regarding a concern of mine. I am the owner of a 10'' Meade LX200. Now, I noticed that, in the nearby skies of Toronto,Canada, my limiting magnitude for galaxies is about +11. Does this sound about right for a 10'' telescope given the fact that I usually observe near the city? Kindest Regards, Sam
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