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  1. Cheers Mat, in the absence of any further feedback I'm going with the TAL.
  2. Hi all, I'm down to two choices: TAL 2x or a 3 Element 2x Barlow from Skies the Limit. Hoping there's some feedback on these two from the forum. Cheers, Eddie
  3. I was in a similar position as you and chose the Skywatcher Heritage 130. Has more light gathering than the Vixen and Evostar (picked one up as well) and comes at a reasonable cost leaving extra cash for accessories, Trust me, you 'll need some funds for eyepieces and maybe a new Barlow that may exceed the cost of your scope. Important factor for me was space and having to squeeze what I bought into a tiny cupboard, The Heritage did just fine, really compact and useful scope for starters and kept the mrs happy. I would go down the DOB route, more aperture for your money and fairly easy to set up.
  4. That's the problem, this person responded to my wanted add but I cannot find a profile for him, nor were the items actually for sale on the site. i'm probably just going to ask for a photo of the items with him holding them :-)
  5. Hi all - just need some advice as a first time buyer from AB&S. Put on a wanted add for a specific eyepiece and Barlow and I get a response offering almost exactly what I wanted, within a couple of hours. Always a bit apprehensive when buying from Joe Public over the internet. Are there any tips from your experiences you're willing to share or things you would do to validate the authenticity of an offer. Cheers, Ed
  6. Hemsy

    Hi I'm Mimmi

    Welcome to the forum Mimmi - A good pair of Bins will give you so much....
  7. Welcome Mighty Midget - Great Name :-) I live in Holland but hail from the good old UK. Cheers, Eddie
  8. is that weather related Paul? Or too much snoozing on the alarm clock
  9. Thanks to the Chinese, we get solid equipment for a good price. IMO. As a comparison, for our budget summer holiday in Italy, we just spent 2500 EUR. Everything is blumming expensive - hopefully I'll be able to see the milky way for free.
  10. I'm up at 6.30 and Saturn is looking fine, just to the south and on clear mornings, I cant resist to grab the scope and have a quick look.
  11. Hey will - welcome to the forum. Nice report. You'll enjoy the 130, but like me, aperture fever will strike and you'll crave a bigger scope before long. probably also like me, you end up trying to convince the wife that a 250 Dob will fit in the cupboard....without luck so far Cheers, Eddie
  12. I would get some good binoculars initially, see if you like the hobby and in the meanwhile you can save up for a scope. I did exactly that and eventually purchased the reasonably priced SW Heritage 130; since my budget is also tight. My 130 gives good views of lunar and planetary targets and some of the brighter DSOs. Remember you always need to save a bit of cash for extras: Eyepieces, collimation tools etc... that costs a fair bit too over time!!!! - the SGL guys will confirm that!
  13. Nice! I'd love to see the look on my neighbors faces if I set that up in the garden...
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