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  1. Hello Paul and welcome to SGL! How's that polar alignment going? Alex
  2. Hi Jarbi, Just wondering if you were making any radio observations during last night's Perseid peak? Since it was cloudy you probably got more out of it than I did..! Baskii
  3. I was out last night and saw maybe 5 or 6 good Perseids with trails visible for a couple of seconds. The best time seemed to be from about 10 until 12, then it died down to nothing. Luckily the Moon was blocked by trees until almost 1am. I was concentrating on getting my new Synscan working, so I'm sure I missed a few!
  4. Hi, I've just got an EQ5 Synscan. I believe the hand controller is the same, and the pinouts to make an RJ11-DB9 cable are in the back of the manual: RJ11 <--> DB9 1 <--> Not connected 2 <--> 2 3 <--> 5 4 <--> Not connected 5 <--> 3 6 <--> Not connected Hope this helps! Baskii
  5. Hi Crovax, I don't think it will be visible when the *observing site* is in daylight, as it will be for Endeavour (in fact it's happening right now). You might be able to see it if the Shuttle is still in sunlight but the observing site is already in shadow. I recall that it was possible to see some liquid that was discharged from the ISS a couple of years back. Baskii
  6. Hi Nikki, I suspect that you live at the place I visited on Sunday! If so then I thought it was lovely, and as nice a spot as there is in west London. I may end up having to move into that area myself, and to be honest I would really miss the lower (albeit still fairly bad) light pollution that we have in High Wycombe. Regarding astro societies, the Wycombe Astro Society (WAS) is located near Amersham. I guess it would be maybe a 40 minute drive, so may be worth considering. Regards Baskii
  7. Hi Janos, You make it sound so easy! I had a go at this last year and it was extremely frustrating. In retrospect, I had completely the wrong equipment - my receiver didn't operate in the correct frequency range, couldn't receive USB signals, and I was using a multi-element UHF TV antenna. I spent several fun evening listening intently to static... I'm really impressed with your results. Particularly amazing that you're just using a 5W transmitter - I was expecting to have to listen for 100kW TV transmissions! Baskii
  8. It may also be worth checking if you have a remote from an older Canon camera. I had one of those RC-5 type remote controls with an old Ixus II APS camera, and it works perfectly with my 350D.
  9. Help...! I have one of those Nikkai car battery chargers that occasionally go for £19.99 at Maplin, which I've been using to drive my mount's motors for quite a while without any problems. However, after a period of maybe a month without any use, I've found that I'm unable to charge it up. When I try to use the supplied AC adapter, there's an audible 'click' from inside (a relay perhaps?) and the red power light does not come on. It may be faulty, as a different adapter with the same voltage, current and polarity settings does not produce the 'click' and the light does come on. However, the ba
  10. In a word, stunning! The amount of work that must have been involved in processing and then aligning each piece boggles my mind. BTW on the laptop I'm using at the moment, I can't see any colour problems. :shock:
  11. Hi Chris, welcome to the forum. No need to introduce yourself to me though as I'm also a member of the WAS! Which reminds me that my sub is due... This is a really good forum full of very nice and helpful people - I'm sure you'll enjoy it. See you at the next meeting. Baskii (aka Alex Webster)
  12. Wow. With the foreground stars it almost looks three-dimensional! If only the night sky looked like this to the naked eye...
  13. I agree about the '98 or '99 Leonids (never can remember which it was). I was expecting little white streaks, like the few meteors I'd seen up to that point. Instead, the very first thing I saw when I stepped outside to look was a dazzling blue-green fireball! Other than that, my biggest surprise was also my biggest disappointment - the Double Cluster. When I first had a look at it a year or two ago I recall being really underwhelmed by it. Maybe the seeing was bad, or maybe I was just looking in the wrong place, but it wasn't the gem that I'd been led to expect. Skip forward to last night, an
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