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  1. i still didnt figure out what i am doing wrong ! so frustating !! the first thing that crossed my mind is probably an bad alignament..i assume. still managing to browse amoung the settings...hope next time i can figure out. did you removed the built in IR filter??
  2. i got mine almost a week ago, but it was too damn cloudy to give a try...cant wait !!!!
  3. thanks also for the info guys, i am about to buy mine soon...
  4. hello boys and girls ! i was so tired of waiting for warmer days, so i decided to take out my scope on saturday. temp was around 0 dgr C. not bad. after having a power tank failure in the first 15 minutes of my session, i decided to unblock the holding clamps and to a "manual" move of my scope. the main reason was also to test my new IDAS LP filter. well, THAT WAS MONEY SPENT WISE !! i live in a very polluted city, in the middle of an industrial park. the first thing that capture my attention is how black was the background while using the filter.i wonder how the filter will perform in a dark
  5. good info guys! thanks. this camera got my eyes, but still pending till i get all the info
  6. i have the same idea in my mind like paul, but my scope has an equat mount...still pending if i should buy it.
  7. dont forget the beer and the wife/girlfriend !! )
  8. it crossed my mind to get me one...i have a zoom from meade, dont know if it will be a difference ....
  9. it that your house in the last image??? just teasing you ! cool pic
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