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    Thanks all. Looks like a very friendly and informative board.
  2. greetings from a fellow noobie!
  3. I've been digging through the loft for my old scope. One of those 1980s white jobs that were, I think, made by Tasco. Sadly, although I have found the 'scope, I can't find the tripod or most of the eyepieces (would they be 0.95?) as they seem to have been lost during house moves.
  4. It was views of Saturn through my mate's scope that recaptured my imagination. It really is an amazing sight - and your photo of it is exceptional!
  5. Your shots are certainly something to aspire to. Well done!
  6. Italian TV is really something else. While in Malta it became almost obsessive viewing due to how dreadful it was!
  7. RedCoat

    Hello all :)

    Welcome from a fellow noob (from just down the road in Dereham)!
  8. Beautiful shot! I must get a camera mount for mine.
  9. RedCoat


    Thanks for the warm welcome all! Indeed, was great down the Lizard. I thought that the skies round here were good until the trip! I've not managed to align it properly yet, but once the skies remember how to not be cloudy at night we'll be all systems go!
  10. RedCoat


    Just getting back into the hobby thanks to a mate. Just bought an old Tasco Starguide to get me going. Strange to be looking forward to the darker evenings!
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