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  1. Very interesting link. So, if I can find one in Norfolk I can have the first in my county...although knowing my luck it would land on my house!
  2. Managed to have a nice look at Arcturus, but although it was really clear it did seem quite "light". Glad it's not just me!
  3. Yeah, I think Ebay is entering it's terminal phase. It used to be good, but it now costs a fortune to sell stuff on it and is smothered with dodgy overseas dealers. Pity. Still, just a few more posts and I can buy and sell through here!
  4. Anyone else think that the scope seems a bit like the old (Tasco?) kiddie scope from the 1980s?
  5. Already have this in my part of Norfolk. Makes a real difference here.
  6. Working on it! lol
  7. Good catch on the video - and a great ****** of Floyd too! Perfection!
  8. I'm not sure that folk are getting the idea that what is being talked about is basically an advert.
  9. "If you build it they will come..." People arguing against free advertising for the forum seems a bit odd, regardless of their views on Facebook.
  10. RedCoat

    Apollo 14

    When I look up at the sky it is because it is as close as I can get to going there. Hubble will always produce better images than anything I will ever see through any telescope I may ever own or look through - but it is not the same as seeing these things through my own eyes. The day that we lose the desire to explore is the day that our species begins to stagnate. By nature we are curious. By nature we are explorers. Whether that is sea or space, many of us will never be satisfied just by sending robots. It would be easy for me to post my camera abroad and have someone take photos and post it back to me. Personally I'd rather go to the place and take them myself!
  11. RedCoat


    Hello Leo! Isn't Lithgow the home of the Zigzag Railway?
  12. I spent many happy evenings watching the skies on Gozo! Welcome aboard!
  13. Yes, that was the Analog Buran and has now (finally) been rescued. There are two more somewhere out in the old USSR that were never finished, but still just about exist, an almost complete example in store and the only one that went into space is buried under the rubble of its hangar.
  14. Mind you, all real historians know that the first people to reach the moon were the crew of the ship launched by Grand Fenwick. (The Mouse on the Moon - for those who don't watch obscure 1960s British comedy films!)
  15. While I agree that we (the UK) didn't, I would say that as we launched our stuff from Australia we'd not have had to have hidden it in the UK! The original plan to build our launch site on the North Norfolk coast was dropped after the development of North Sea gas platforms. It was felt to be bad form to risk dropping failed rockets on them!
  16. The street lights near me now turn off at midnight in winter, 1am in Summer. Much better idea - and, as of yet, no crime spree. Great for seeing the sky. It also gave me the enjoyment of listening to a drunken teen getting trapped half-way up a tree outside my house when it suddenly all went dark on him.
  17. RedCoat


    Greetings from a fellow newbie!
  18. Excellent work. Hope you don't mind if I borrow it to use at school?
  19. Totally superb images ... and far too long since I'd heard that track as well!
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