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  1. For sale is an astromodded 40D done by cheap astrobiology. It comes with 3x batteries & charger & is in excellent condition. Looking for £150 but willing to negotiate. Will accept PayPal, cash or bank transfer Cheers Andy
  2. For sale is a skywatcher 190MN. It was bought late 2020 & not really used. It has a couple of marks on the outer tube where it has been moved backwards/ forwards in the tube rings to achieve balance & there are the usual marks on the dovetail. The optics are pristine. There is no stock of these scopes anywhere in the UK. Looking for £950 but williing to negotiate. Will accept PayPal, cash or bank transfer. PM me for details Cheers Andy
  3. No it doesn't come with dessicant tablets, sealed chamber & doesn't need them. I contacted the guys there to confirm
  4. So I never expected to generate this kind of debate when I posted my musing - I can say after a patchy night of imaging due to fabulous North West England weather & a full moon that the camera is a game changer. There are lots of images taken using flooding in & in now convinced that it is not worth spending the extra £400+ on the QHY or ZWO offerings given they need dessicant tablets & leak oil in the case of the ZWO. In Steve's xbox tv analogy I kind of think it's established already that altair, qhy & zwo are the Samsung, LG & Sony equivalent so all are quali
  5. This is exactly the type of debate I was hoping to generate guys. I agree with Vlaiv, I don't think there will be much difference - hence the whole reason for the post. When my camera arrives & if we ever get a clear night I'll be out there & we'll see what's what
  6. In what way have I criticised SGL members that have responded Martin? By partisan affiliation with regard to any astronomical brand, I liken it to supporting a football team - some people will only buy a particular brand etc, not in any way can that be construed as criticising anyone. No offence was meant to Steve, FLO or Ian, but I think I'm safe enough to describe my experience - im not in China or North Korea. I really don't want to get into the politics of brand bashing, not my thing, the post was started by asking an open & honest question - which still stands.
  7. That's my experience im afraid Steve, I did feel thoroughly fobbed off by Ian - asked 1 or 2 questions which I answered then bounced me to ZWO support. I understand that I may be an outlier with that experience. The end of my post stated that I'll buy what's right for me & not because its any particular brand but because its what I believe will work. The whole point of this post was to ask for details in the difference between the 3 brands of camera so I could make an informed choice & so far nobody had been able to give me one. Instead my post had been filled with part
  8. I have bought one Martin so will definitely be posting my images. I have only had 1 ZWO camera - a 533 bought from FLO. I had a cooling issue with it & when i emailed to discuss it - Ian King was dealing with it & the stock response from FLO was for me to call ZWO support - which was the most futile and mind numbing experience i can remember for a long time - their only interest was if it was powered properly. Over a number of weeks this became intolerable until after more correspondence with FLO it went in for testing. Not a great experience overall. I doubt i'll ever buy anoth
  9. Canon 450D modded by Juan of cheapastrophotography.com. Used on my portable tracker mount & tripod. I've gone CMOS so it's surplus to requirement. Comes with original canon battery & after-market high capacity battery with charger. Has taken some stunning images (attached) Shutter count says 9935 Looking for £130 Pm me for further info Cheers Ps I don't use eos utilities, just use memory card to transfer images
  10. Yeah I personally believe its 90% brand loyalty & nothing to do with differences in the cameras themselves. I do know that zwo support were shocking - like properly poor. So I've gone for the Altair version. My friend is getting the qhy so we'll do a proper comparison & I'll post it on here - that's if anyone is left here from the exodus onto the new forum
  11. So what's the difference between the 3 then? Nobody can explain it to me to justify the extra costs for either the zwo or qhy units. Either because they can't or they want to ignore the question
  12. That's my point really Vlaiv, are they all the same though? Hasn't there been a side by side comparison between the zwo & qhy cameras? They're both out currently aren't they? I can't see the Altair version being any different from the other 2 brands. If that's the case then it shows how much mark up there is on the others without any justification & that it comes down to brand loyalty in choosing. I'm confused by it all Reading the Altair spec it looks like you can run it at 100 gain - which is CCD killer territory isn't it? Lower read noise, 16bit etc? https://ww
  13. Hi guys, been looking to replace my ASI 533 with another camera, was looking at the ASI 2600, then I've noticed that QHY use the same chip at the same cost, now Altair Astro have released the 26C. All the same sensor yet the Altair is significantly cheaper. Can anyone tell me what the difference is between them & if they're the same, why is the Altair camera less expensive than the ZWO or QHY versions?
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