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  1. I have snapped the plastic locking plate on the mount, is it repairable or Iam I better off buying a new one.
  2. Thats even better thanks
  3. First moon pic delighted taken on my mobile
  4. She works first sighting of the moon through the scope delighted, funny looks from the neighbours expecting a knock on the door later on.
  5. still clear here scope cooling, this will be the first time I have used it since I got her:D
  6. I live in scotland free education. (housing benefit)
  7. Have been accepted starts on the 25th August best of all no tuition fees watch out Professor Brian Cox.
  8. Hi Tom Welcome to the SGL
  9. Iam in the Highland 21 miles north of Inverness 500 yards from my house and complete darkness so don't have to travel to far:)
  10. Hi Jonny and welcome to SGL
  11. cheers keep forgetting about bbc 4
  12. what channel cant find anything for thursday:icon_scratch:
  13. Hi and welcome from me too
  14. alnessman

    Hi all

    Hi Mandalorian and welcome to SGL
  15. S194 - Introducing astronomy - Open University Course
  16. I have just applied for a beginners course in astronomy anyone else on the forum done one?
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