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  1. Looks like a very interesting event wait us in 2013. -16 mag at britest should be amazing view More on it here http://www.skymania.com/wp/2012/09/comet-ison-set-to-be-spectacular-in-2013.html/6978/
  2. Nah, I haven't , and Yes I know they are made to match, but factory do replace them at their facilities. Question was if anyone was dealing with such issue ever , and how much it cost.. Just curiosity.
  3. Thought someone could be interested in this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/190705808179?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 As I see it miss corrector plate assembly, so basically its dead at this point, but might be still worth taking in account prices for individual parts of these babies. Also same guy sells tripod from this scope. btw, anyone have idea on price for getting corrector plate from meade for such scope?
  4. You forget, they still need to sell thoese PCB's for 100 quid a piece - so no need for a fuse
  5. To Astro_baby - they do have a little bit of kinda protection, three little pieces on PCB called L1, L2, L3.. thy blow first, saving motors and rest of PCB(if lucky) and they can be repaired quite easy.
  6. They need to sell aminboard you know, feed children and such.. no need for fuse man On other hand, mainboard is kinda easy to repair.. yeah you need some pcb solder skills , but i believe we have loads of "solder type" guys here who would happily help you out. I repaired mine by just soldering flat L3, but this will fry your mainboard next time for sure, but it can be avoided by fuse installed. Oh, and I would install fuse inside a mount itself, just alittle more job to do, but will protect it from all, regardless it is car plug, mains or anything else.
  7. At some point I was looking for same thing and found this info from different sources on web. Equatorial Mount List - ScopeYard Its not up to date or anything smart, but some basic info it provides.
  8. Oke, thanks for replies guys. Now need to setle on budget. One last question could be: Is there substential difference between SCT 8 comparing to 9.25?? I understand apperture, but is this difference in case of planetary so important? regards, Sergey. Clear Skies, Чистого Неба!
  9. Thanks mate, these two was my initial idea. but my concerns are if maybe something like this can be better: 8" f/8 RC Astrograph - 203mm aperture / 1624mm focal length GSO 8' f/8 Ritchey-Chretien - 203/1624mm RC - Carbon Tubus Or not ?
  10. Hello guys, While I was busy with observing newest supernova - my baby girl born I had to place astro on hold, but going slowly back on track I was thinking about getting myself my next setup. My interest settled on planetary/lunar imaging. So I though I request some advice from experienced folks about it. Mount is simple to choise - its going to be EQ6 / HEQ5 depending on requirement from OTA. But main question is OTA. What would you recommend to go for if a budget is about 1k (Considering new and second hand equipment) My understanding is to go for some kind of catadioptric, possibly Ritchey chretien.. But I really would appreciate some advice here. Clear skies! Sergey
  11. Hi, I think there is a working or close to released version for ipad and I saw development of android version of Stellarium.
  12. Thanks guys. Soon will be followed by restoration project of small Atlas explorer newtonian.
  13. And do double check it, fried motherboards are costly
  14. My ultimate plan is to make android/ipad user friendly platform to fully control telescope via bluetooth (I mean possitioning, focusing and more if possible) i have hardware now to do this job, just need to figure out software
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