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  1. I have not got a clue what I saw (apart from 2 red lights and 1 green light )...so that counts as a UFO does it not?!
  2. Nope! The way the object moved was too random for lantern's....
  3. I wouldn't of thought so the way it moved...straight up then diagonally down to the left.....
  4. No motorways in that direction... Westland helicopters are in the other direction - West.
  5. Hi, I was just out in the back garden about 10 mins ago and looked towards the East and saw this really red light just hovering....I grabbed my 15x70 bins and it appeared to look like 2 lights side by side....Anyone else see it/them??? I also saw a green light very nearby maybe part of the red object...it moved in random directions and at different speeds....I'm not saying it was ET but it was certainly nothing I've ever seen before... And I defo saw this object before anybody starts questioning my sanity or asks what have I been smoking this evening
  6. Thanks Mick, that was the sort of reply I was hoping for!
  7. It is near Holsworthy. Once you book and have paid the final balance then you get proper directions etc. It seems the skies are very dark at this particular location...just hoping for clear skies now....and NO :clouds2:
  8. Hi apologies if this has already been asked....but.... Has anyone on here visited this location? http://www.astroadventures.co.uk/ I am staying there in Febraury during a week of a new Moon and was wondering what would be worth hunting out? Apart from the obvious, M45, Orion etc. TIA Scott
  9. Hi Tim, I can't believe nobody has replied to your post?! Have a look at the link below. http://www.oberwerk.com/support/collimate.htm Hope this helps cott
  10. I just got this tripod on Saturday and it is very stable. I had my 15x70 Strathspeys attached to it all night and all day on Sunday and no problems at all...well apart from all the rain and cloud!!
  11. Hey Malc, how the is the eye now? I had laser eye surgery just over a week ago to correct them so now I can see fine without glasses. I had a quick look on a clear night one evening last week and to me I could see stars I wouldn't of been able to before surgery with the naked eye...whether this is just my mind playing tricks on me or not I don't know but I can't wait to look through my scope to see what if any difference it has made! I wish you well with your recovery
  12. I am forking out to have Laser Eye surgery in 5 weeks time...wear glasses for driving and watching TV but get really fed up with them, cos I drive for a living this weather I'm always wiping rain drops off of them! I know a few people who've had it done and they swear by it - best thing they ever had done. Yes there are risks as with any surgical procedure but the risk is fairly small. They say my night vision will be better...time will tell, just think, I'll be able to see all those clouds so much better!! As long as I keep up with the drops they provide things should be fine......
  13. Hi Peter, my PC and wifes Netbook both have a port that the RS-232 Cable fits but both the PC and Network do not recognise my Hand Control unit?? Just because the Cable fits into the port would that make the port the correct type?
  14. Hi James, think I'll be coming. Look forward to your PM...
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