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  1. Can anyone please tell me what's involved in upgrading the above Skywatcher Skyliner 250 Flextube auto to goto?, is it a case of a hand controller upgrade and if so much any idea's around cost?
  2. I am going to call my one "Rocco Siffredi":D
  3. Dick


    Hiya all! Thanks for all your kind messages
  4. oOo I know exactly what you mean valleyman I'll probably look to Hamstead Heath instead
  5. Hiya! I'm going to buy a telescope, and would like to see the stars & moon up close, like the pictures that I've seen on TV / Internet and on this forum. What telescopes are best for taking pictures, and what ones are available for my budget? (which is £800). I would like one I can easily lift, carry and setup as my wrists are a little limp. Thanks [removed word]
  6. Hiya! I was thinking of doing some observing on Clapham Common in London when I eventually get a telescope as it seems like a suitable dark site. Does anyone have any experience of observing the heavens from there?
  7. Dick


    Hiya! My name's Richard, but all my friends call me [removed word] and I'm from lovely London Town. I'm 24 and have recently started really getting into space and in particular astronomy. I think the reason being is because I find Brian Cox so utterly attractive. Phowarr! He's gorgeous! He's really inspirational asides from being fit, and I think the subject is fascinating. Anyway, enough of about my passions. I hope to meet like-minded folk here. I am considering buying a telescope, a nice long one on a tripod! Thanks! [removed word]
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