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  1. Hi Martin! Glad to see another Lyons on the squad, I'm guessing that's your last name? Anyhow, I hope too see you around! -Josh
  2. Hi guys, I have seen adverts all over google today saying how there was the longest lunar eclipse for over a decade. When that was over it was shortly followed by a blood red moon. I have seen some pictures and I must say it does look fantastic. However, I didn't get to see it as we were too cloudy to see anything in Winsford!! How annoying, I was absolutely gutted!! So, did anybody else catch a glimpse of this? If so, what was it like? I'm guessing quite wonderful. Regards -Josh
  3. Yes, it may have been the ISS, although that is generally seen as a long thing strip of light and doesn't move that fast. Well, not when I see it, it doesn't! Maybe you saw an alien space ship? Haha, most probably what everybody else said though. I won't repeat you've heard it enough! Happy gazing! -Josh
  4. Aaaah, M82, I have seen that a few times and is probably one of my favorite galaxies to watch... Other than our own Milky Way, of course!!
  5. Josh Lyons

    Hey guys!

    Hi guys, I'm Josh Lyons, from Cheshire. I'm currently finishing my GCSE's I have had a huge interest in Astronomy for what seems like 16 years! I currently own a big, white, reflector telescope which I have used to see many things, the orion nebula, Betelgeuse, the Pleiades and a whole range of other things, the ISS etc. I am currently looking into buying a Refracting telescope which I can bung in the car or on my back and go out in the middle of a field to stargaze. Most times I just simply sit in the back garden, on a clear night on a deck chair and chill out, sometimes from 9:30pm 'till 5:00am! Anyway, long winded but that's all. I hope I will get to know you all well and I know I will be welcomed, you all look like a friendly bunch!
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