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  1. Thanks, I hope you enjoy it, i have seen 1 great nights viewing in the last month and a bit here in hertfordshire, so hopefully better where you are. Please keep us posted with your review of the scope and mount. If you use it for astrophotography, any experiences or choices you take for guiding setups would be extremely interesting to me as i need all the help i can get Thanks again.
  2. Gorgeous.... Thats the setup I want but with a c925 (am stretching my finances as it is). Very jealous. Can I ask something though... Silly Q, Can you extend the legs of the tripod even more for the taller astronomer so someone around 6"3 can have the eyepiece as high as possible. Is it me or is the cgem mount sexy.... Lol, so gotta get out more!
  3. Ok, c9.25 on cg5 mount, c11 on cg5 mount or c9.25 on cgem mount. Want something for long term which will serve me for astrophotography and maybe, MAYBE will be taken to a star party one day. Price wise these three are close-ish. Btw. Am i the only one who has not seen a clear night sky for over a month and a half? (in hertfordshire uk) Thanks
  4. Hi, Has anyone been to one of these before? Am considering diving down there with my dslr and tripod to see if can learn more about scopes etc. Is down in butser hill and quite away from me. What can i expect? Thanks
  5. Would i be able to get by with the cg5 ok though? What are the pros and cons for each? Thanks
  6. Is the cgem mount seriously so much better than the cg5? I just think it looks great lol
  7. As i narrow down my choice, i annoyingly keep seeing aomething i might want to continue saving for. I really like the c9.25 cg5 but have a yearning for the cgem mount. Prices in uk are 1449 and 2400 respectively but in USA a c9.25 on cgem mount is only £1750. Grrrrr. Why is it so much more expensive here?
  8. I am trying to get in a position here i understand principles of astrophotography and am using just a dslr before get telescope. I took 30 pics and 30 darks, with intention of 30 flats hen can work out how. I tried to stack the above and error says can stack 1 picture out of 30. I adjusted Star detection threshold to 2% but still nothing. What am i doing wrong? I just want to be able to process something and see results of tinkering. Finally, is there anywhere I can get access to someones pictures in terms of all components needed to process (pics,flats,darks) so I can try to process something I know will work. I dont want to be put of this potential hobby at such a early stage. Thanks
  9. Hi and welcome So how does cg5 compare for astrophotography?
  10. Praetorias


    Hello all. I live in hertfordshire and have been wanting to get into astrophotography or years. I own a dslr and am trying to make the move into buying my first telescope. I am looking at the C9.25 and am trying to get a better understanding of the topic before I make move. Looking for star parties in herts area and to understand how pictures are taken and most importantly how to process pictures in photoshop to get those amazing pics i see. Anywho.... Hi to all
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