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  1. It will handle this with ease. A great portable setup.
  2. The Vamo works wonderfully. I have tried it with the Travel Companion including the Binoviewer and it's fine. With this load it can take a second or two to settle but it moves really smoothly. The bottom picture above is the Vamo mount. It is the lightest mount I could find that will go in my airline case (dismantled) along with the scope and tripod.
  3. Thanks, be taking it to Kelling in the Spring along with the Dob.
  4. Thanks, exceeded my expectations and my over-draught!!!
  5. TRAVEL COMPANION (As posted on Baader website as well) First Impressions Been observing on and off for 40 yrs. and own a SkyVision 20" f3/3 GoTo dob which is a truly amazing scope, but I can't take it with me when I travel on an aircraft for instance, and there is no room for it in the car when we go on holiday. Best scope I have ever owned but not always the right scope in every place. So last year I decided to acquire the best truly Grab & Go refractor I could afford. It must big enough to resolve planetary detail but small enough to carry on an aircraft overhead (including Tripod) with ease. No small order you may be right in thinking. The tripod and mount had to be as carefully chosen as the scope because a truly Grab & Go setup must consider the setup as a whole. I knew I needed at least 90mm of aperture and every Apo I researched was either too slow or too fast. Also, they were all too heavy and not suited to small mounts. I don’t remember how I stumbled across the Baader 95/560 Travel Companion, but I knew immediately that I had found my dream refractor! 95 mm is big enough to see real detail on Jupiter and the weight was only 3.1 kilos. In addition, it has an oiled spaced Fluorite triplet objective. I once owned a refractor with a 110mm TEC oiled spaced triplet and that lens was the most transparent lens I had ever looked through. However, It needed a hefty mount and was not what I considered Grab & Go so I sold it. Back to the Travel Companion, I badgered Johannes Baader to make one for me, I would not take no for an answer and he eventually agreed to add me to the waiting list. I then purchased the Vamo Traveler mount weighing 1.3 Kilos and a Gitzo Systematic Tripod (18 inches, 457mm when collapsed). It weighs nothing, I can easily lift it up with one finger and it can hold an Elephant. I would have even considered buying this scope if it had an air spaced FPL 53 triplet because it fitted my requirements of true portability. I waited, and a few weeks ago Johannes informed me my scope was almost ready and I got excited again. When it arrived, I opened the box right away, as you do. I held the scope for the first time and marveled at how light yet robust it felt. The finish is superb, and the focuser is SOOO smooth and without flexure whatsoever. Looking down the OTA you see a very well baffled tube. I ordered mine with the tube rings, dovetail bar and Clicklock on the focuser. I quickly mounted it on the Vamo Traveler/Gitzo which just happened to be ready in the dining room! In went the Baader 2" BBHS mirror Diagonal and a Leica 25x - 50x ASPH Zoom with Baader VIP 2x modular Barlow, I was set. The whole thing could easily be lifted in one hand, but two hands are safer I told myself. I took it outside in my back garden that afternoon and pointed it at the nearby woods. The image was razor sharp and the mount was rock steady on max zoom. The following night the sky was clear. First Light I live in a very light polluted area in the UK and have nearly given up trying to observe from home, but this night was very clear, though cold at 0 degrees C. As luck would have it I could not attach my red dot finder to the focuser as I had the wrong screws, so it was point and hope. I took the scope out from my warm dining room and pointed it a M42 the great Orion Nebulae as it was hard to miss. I wasn't sure what to expect but I was not expecting to see the entire nebulae, I mean all of it! Usually when I observe M42 I see the bat wings spread out and then I attempt to see more but right away I saw the entire shape of it, beautifully framed. I slowly zoomed in and out in admiration. I could clearly see 5 stars in the Trapezium and the following night when I put my Morpheus 4.5 barlowed I saw the f star. I looked at M42 for longer than I have ever looked at it in a very long time, but I was getting cold. Nearly an hour had passed, and it dawned on me that if I could see so much nebulosity in M42 perhaps M45 the Pleiades might show some. I swung the scope upwards and found the cluster. Naturally I couldn't fit it all in the field of view even when I removed the Barlow from the Leica but the nebulosity was plain to see, I could hardly believe it! Most of it was visible around Merope with direct vision and a lot more with averted vision. Again, I stared at the cluster for ages in awe and all this from 95mm. An hour and a half had passed on two objects and I was freezing as the temp was falling so I went it feeling very satisfied indeed to say the least. I have observed on two more occasions (red dot finder attached) and I could go on and on about how impressed I am, another time perhaps. The scope with rings and tripod as well as the Vamo Traveler (dismantled) all fit in my Peli 1510 carry on airline case, luckily it has wheels. At last, I think I have found my ideal Travel Companion. Don't tell the wife! Clem Pics of both Vamo and M2 mount included.
  6. Yes, it arrived! Used it twice so far and its outside right now calling me. Intend to post first impressions and first light this weekend but I must say that even after 40 yrs observing I am gobsmacked by this little wonder scope already! Clem
  7. It arrives on Tuesday. Guess I’ll be working from home that day!
  8. Yes, I sent the money over today and I should have it in a few days. Looking forward to this one very much. Will let you know my first impressions as soon as I get it.
  9. Thanks, It really is grab and go. The Gitzo tripod, though expensive, weighs nothing and can hold an elephant. i can move it all around with one hand. Clem
  10. Just posted a mini review of the kit John. https://stargazerslounge.com/forum/125-discussions-mounts/?do=add
  11. Hi all, if you have been following my thread below you will know I have been eagerly looking forward to testing the NEXUS DSC from AstroDevices.com. The kit arrived last week and I installed it in my Stellarvur M2 mount immediately. Quite straight forward installation as it turned out, encoders tucked away inside and out of sight. The tray too was a 20 second job to attach and I was set. Weather was and is rubbish so I had time to read the manual and play with the device. It is a very comprehensive bit of kit yet simple to set up and use. My intention was to use it as a stand alone device or with Sky Safari running on my iPhone or both as it turned out. Also I intend to switch it between my M2 mount holding my StellarVue SV70T and my 20" goto dob. This report is on the M2 only. The sky would not clear and the Moon was full and I was fed up. I just wanted two stars up there to do a quick alignment that's all, think I was asking to win the lottery or something! Then the other night it happened. I noticed a gap in the clouds so I grabbed the scope which is always set up and went outside. No finder was attached! I knew by the time I got the red dot set up the stars would be gone so I stuck the Ethos 13mm in and now I had a three degree field of view finder! I pointed at Polaris which was now briefly visible and placed near the centre and pressed OK. Then swung around to Altair and did the same and presto it beeped "Align Successful! In a mad hurry I selected the Messier catalogue and hit 3 then 1 and up popped the arrows instantly, off I went to M31 and when I looked in the eyepiece it was as close to centre as my initial alignment star was. I hit 13 and off I went to M13, Bang on! Considering the light pollution is so bad here now I could barley make out the keystone so no chance of star-hopping to M13. I did a few more then the stars vanished. I was delighted and had complete confidence that when I selected an object and couldn't see it it was because it was too faint. Second Night Few clouds around and Moon just rising. My intention was to use my Baader Hyperion Zoom MK IV and 2.5 barlow. I was going to test for pointing accuracy and also use SkySafari on my iPhone. I carefully aligned on the same two stars making sure I zoomed in and off I went. This time I went through about 25 objects one after the other and every one was right in the centre of my field of view, fantastic. I paired the WiFi to the iPhone and hit connect (after I set SkySafari up for the Nexus). After a few moments it connected. The beauty of using it this was is because I cannot remember the M number or NGC number of everything so just looking at my iPhone and touching a target is great. I touched M57 the ring nebulae and on the Nexus the arrows pointed the way. It didn't display the name M57, just pointed. Couldn't see it in the eyepiece but I knew it was in the centre so I slowly zoomed and it popped out bigger and bigger! I love this device! You can use the Nexus keypad or iPhone to locate something seamlessly. Please download and read the manual to learn more about the device as I have only touched the surface here. It just works, perfectly. By the way, after I took the attached picture last night I forgot to turn it off. About 11:00 this morning I noticed the display was still on! Battery level was about 8%. Its rechargable BTW. Thanks for reading Clem
  12. Great Stu! Love to join you and Jamie. PM me the site when you get a chance, I will try to suss it out on my way to/from Portsmouth. Parents live in Wokingham? Small world. Many thanks
  13. I'll be on my own so it would be great to have an exact spot till I get to know the place Peter. Clem
  14. Many thanks Peter. Is that near the Roman Villa? Clem
  15. Hi all, looking for a good dark, darkish, site to take my Dob to in the South Downs National Park. Travelling from Wokingham. All suggestions welcome. Clem
  16. As you probably live near me your'e welcome to pop over to Wokingham for a butchers at the kit. I should have it set up in one or two weeks. Clem
  17. Some more pics of the mounting plate sent to me by Serge as well some of a slightly revised encoder kit. Clem
  18. Got mine in the USA on holiday last September. Clem
  19. Hi all, for those that are interested, Serge from AstroDevices.com has sent me some pics of the encoders he has just finished working on for the Stellarvue M2 mount. Looks like a very professional job to me and I am looking forward to installing them ASAP. I intend using them with the NEXUX DSC from Astro Devices but you could use the NEXUS II as well. I anticipate the encoders will cost around £290 ish here in the UK after taxes etc. Astrograph.net is the UK distrubuter. The last image is of my own M2 opened up. Installation should take 15mins I am assured. Clem
  20. Baader/Zeiss I think. I once owned a 110 Tec oil spaced triplet (non Flourite) and the contrast was awsome. This sounds better, I hope.
  21. Make no mistake, my 20" SkyVision is my scope of choice but it is not always the best scope in every situation. Will post a full review when I get hold of it. Clem
  22. Noticed my attachments are not very good. Here is the link to info. http://www.baader-planetarium.com/en/baader-apo-95560-caf2-travel-companion.html Clem
  23. I own a SkyVision 20" f3/3 goto dob, amazing scope. Took it to kelling last Spring Star Party. Place was full of all manner of scopes but it was cloudy all week, typical kelling, too near the coast. Didn't get to use it and when Sunday came most people packed up and went home. My wife and I were staying in one of the cabins till Monday. I didn't want to leave the scope out in the middle of the field alone so I packed it away. The forecast was cloudy again anyway. Popped into the bar that night for a quick jar and when we came out it was clear! I had my StellarVur 60mm Apo set up on a Gitzo tripod in the cabin. I grabbed it one handed and dashed down to the plots before it clouded over and had a great time. Amazing what you can see with any size scope when in a dark site. I made my mind up at that point I would get the best truly grab and go refractor I could afford. The Baader is only 1.3Kilos and has a florite element. It is in my view the finest scope ever made in terms of portability, size, weight and quality. I know some will disagree but I'll let you know when I get mine. Clem
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