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  1. Hi Benjii. Yeah my plan is just to start off with this and over time build up some money for a guided setup which im hoping will not be to hard to add to this mount. i dont suppose you have seen this set up any cheaper anywhere else have you, or anyone else for that matter?
  2. Hi Benjii, found the deal here- Skywatcher Explorer 200P (HEQ5) - Best Price at Bristol Cameras
  3. Good morning all and thank you for the quick replies. It seems like the 200p heq5 is going to be my best bet. Rowan46, i will give the company a call before i order i think, just to be on the safe side. Thanks again, Steve
  4. Hi from Lincoln and welcome to the forum
  5. Hi Mimmi and welcome
  6. The joys of the Cathedral hey phil?! welcome to the forum. I live just south of Lincoln down in Waddington and am pretty such there are a few good dark sky sights south east of you. If you search for 'dark sky locations in lincolnshire' in your favourite search engine you should find something. i cant remember the website name off the top of my head but know there are places near by from asking the same question myself! clear skies, steve
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