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  1. Are there star parties in the States, or is it more of a UK thing?
  2. Thanks for the tips. What difference if any would there be between say a 6mm ep vs a 12mm + 2x barlow? Same mag right? Any difference in FOV?
  3. I bought my first scope this spring. This spring we've had more rainfall than ever in recorded history. Coincidence?
  4. I just found Saturn for the first time last night. Actually my first planet ever. I was playing around in Stellarium and noticed Saturn was near the moon, in Virgo. I went outside not expecting much due to the clouds and city haze. The moon was hazy and most the sky was just dull gray. But there was just enough clearing for me to make out Virgo, and sure enough there was something there. I ran in and grabbed the scope. I've only had the scope out a few times so it took me a little while to find it in the eye piece. It stayed in the clear long enough for me to see it. I could see the gaps between the planet and rings but not the shadow or moons. I can get to a darker site, but I was wondering what eyepiece, barlow or combo of the two I might try to get a bigger and better view? I have a 70mm Meade refractor 700mm f/10 and was using the 9mm ep that came with the scope. I don't expect too much from this scope, but how far can I push it? If it's as good as it gets, that's ok, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask around.
  5. I'm always in awe when I'm out in the country on a dark clear night. So many stars I can't recognize the few constellations I know. It's easy to forget they're there when living in the city.
  6. And such a warm welcome. I suspect I may like it here. Thanks all.
  7. Just got my first scope a couple weeks ago. This site has been most helpful for the clueless. -Doghouse
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