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  1. Cheers, I will have to set up, photo and then post.
  2. Hi all, it has been a long time since I posted or indeed gazed. I have a half decent set up that I am looking to sell. Since a change in career I do not have the time for gazing and would rather someone else get use and enjoyment from the equipment rather than it gathering dust. Q. What do you think a reasonable asking price for the following should be? sky watcher star travel 120 EQ5 mount 21mm baader hyperion. 5mm baader hyperion Baader fringe killer filter Various lenses standard stuff Excellent condition. All in packaged well not original boxes though. The tube is wrapped in a foam mat in a golf bag, the mount in a carry case and the tripod in a snow board bag.
  3. Just got my 2 new hyperions wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 1st proper lenses. I was so excited thought I would just let you guys know. A marked improvement over the standard ones that came with the scope. Clarity and contrast are most impresence.
  4. Hello and welcome, ask and you shall receive at the forum. Dark skies
  5. Hello and welcome. You will have to keep us all posted about your progress so we can drool about what is only a pipe dream. Good look and dark skies
  6. Congrats on the new scope. Let us all know how first light goes? Dark skies
  7. Dave006

    Hi from Essex

    Hi and welcome to the lounge. Which scope did you get by the way?
  8. Hi George and welcome to the lounge.
  9. Dave006


    Hey Larry and welcome to the lounge.
  10. Hello and welcome to the lounge. Ask and you shall receive. Dark skies
  11. Dave006

    Neck ache!

    Hi and welcome to the lounge.
  12. Dave006

    new to forum

    Hello and welcome. Dark skies
  13. Hello and welcome to the lounge, ain't it great when you rediscover a passion? Especially when the is the lounge to help and encourage. Dark skies
  14. Hi there, since Purchasing the TMB planetary, it has made viewing much more enjoyable, the extra eyerelief is a god send as is the twist up eyecup. Having also got a sw scoPe with the standard ep's ther is a marked improvement in field of view, clarity and contrast. Great ep's for the price. Checkout skysthelimit
  15. Hi and welcome, you need to decide a few things first before you jump in and buy a scope. 1: what you want to see. 2: where will you be using the scope, eg back garden only or do you want to take to a dark site. 3: is storage space an issue. 4: do you want a motorised goto mount or an equatorial mount. All these need to be considered but the best advise is just explore the site and trawl back through the beginners section of the forum and you should be able to find all the info you need. Dark skies
  16. Yeah I agree with rowan46 the elements have a habit of working themselves into every nook and cranny. Once that moisture gets in there ain't much you can do about it other than a complete strip down of motors and other mechanical moving parts to get the water out. And that's not fun. If you do decide to keep it outside there is one alternative and that is to mount the scope on a platform off the floor by about 4" and cover with those plastic green houses. One over the other creating effectively a giant double glazed unit. I have seen it done, however when replacing after viewing you need to wipe th inside bone dry.
  17. Dave006

    Swift 831

    Hi Tosh and welcome to the forum, these guys have a habit of being able to answer any question within minutes. Dark skies my good man.
  18. Dave006

    Hello All...

    Welcome quark to the font of all astro knowledge that is SGL
  19. Dave006

    Completely new

    Hello and welcome hope your scope arrives soon nothing quite like unwrapping a present of that magnitude. Clear skies
  20. Hi and welcome to the font of all astro knowledge that is SGL Clear skies
  21. Aye up howse thee doing? Oh and welcome to the lounge from a fellow Yorkshire man.
  22. Hi and thanks for the speedy replies, one other question. Whilst a I am leaning towards the 21mm now with the fine tuning rings, would I be better served saving and waiting to get the Hyperion zoom lens? I've heard it referred to as the grenade, is it really that big n heavy? Thanks again for putting my mind at ease. Dark skies one n all
  23. Should read imagining stuff not imaging. It's been a long day
  24. Hello everyone. I'm wanting to purchase a baader Hyperion 21 or 24mm , I seem to remember reading somewhere that the 24mm eyepiece can't be used with fine tuning rings, am I correct in this line of thinking or am I mistaken? I can't find any evidence of his on line. Could anyone clarify. Coz I think I'm losing it, you know just imaging stuff. Clear skies, once the peasant cloud gets ou of he way
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