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  1. also is it best to use, say a 25mm eyepiece to get the whole disc in or try something a bit higher power?
  2. thanks for the replies some really use full info here hopefully ill have enough to do full aperture,finderscope and the binos thanks alot.
  3. ive just ordered some beader solar film to do some daytime astronomy ive always wanted to observe the solar surface and have seen various posts/videos recommending this solar film, i just had a few questions i obviously know all the usual precautions to take viewing the sun and NOT TO LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN WITHOUT A SPECIALIZED SOLAR FILTER. whats the best way to cut the solar film to size? scissors/craft knife etc would i have to make a housing for the film to fit into? whats the best way to use it? over the full aperture or just the small end hole? how safe is this film to use? is it quite durable? can i use it on binos? and finally what can i expect to see in regards to sunspots/prominences etc if anyone can answer my few questions and offer any other advice id be greatful thanks in advance. john.
  4. i would have loved to meet the physicists involved in the development of quantum mechanics werner hiesenberg,wolfgang pauli,niels bohr,oh id love to have been a fly on the wall in the discussions between einstien and bohr after the 1927 solvay :-) to give my final answer it would have to be einstien because from everything ive read about him he seemed a kind,lovely man (unless you are his first wife) and the way his mind worked just unbelievable,i also loved him as a philosopher. oh and the fact he made the greatest discovery of all time... that his big toe made holes in his socks so he stopped wearing them....
  5. thanks for the replies ive started reading phillips stargazing with binoculars by robin scagell and david frydman i think this is going to be helpful with my final choice
  6. hi all been doing astronomy for about 18 months now and really enjoying it had some fantastic nights observing but last week was the first time i used a pair of binos for astronomy and was very suprised at what i could see with them,not sure what the dimensions or optics were but was really pleased with them for ease of use. ive never thought of getting a pair before as i own a 6" dob and get some really spectacular views with it but some nights i just cant be bothered to lug it out in the garden just for it to cloud over in an hour,and even when i have the scope out i think the binos would compliment the scope nicely for locating objects(i used the binos to locate M31 which im ashamed to say i wasnt able to do with my scope) so im after some advice on binos ive been told 10x50's are ideal i dont want a pair that are so big that i need a tripod for them but id like the highest (practicle)magnification with as good optics as possible my limit is probably in the region of £100 pound but would quite happily pay slightly more or less for the right pair,some examples would be highly appreciated thanks in advance. john
  7. thanks for the tips,not being overly confident with it i think ill give it a miss and just enjoy the pictures posted on here
  8. hi all due to the upcoming transition of venus ive been contemplating solar projection ive read a bit about it but it sounds a bit iffy to me,all id like to know is will it damage my telescope or eyepieces?ive got a 6" dob is it even possible to do it with this scope?
  9. i was having a discussion earlier about the 'present' i was saying that surely the present (now) cannot exist we are being pulled from past to future constantly so as soon as 'now' is here its gone. i mean whats the smallest possible lenghth of time with any meaning? a planck second? no matter what length of time now is its not now anymore its then and now is not now its then etc i dont know time really is strange
  10. hi all i own a 6" dob and the last few observing nights ive been delving into a bit of very basic imaging just with a universal camera adaptor and a fujifilm finepix f500 its a pretty good point and shoot camera and was at the limits of affordability at the time so couldnt stretch to a dslr im enjoying using it and have taken some half decent pictures of the moon and taken some pictures of jupiter and venus albeit with no detail jupiter came out as a greyish disc but got the moons in the shot so was pleased with how it turned out with the limitations of the camera (and scope) i know that tracking is a big thing with photography but the camera cant do long exposures so doesnt really apply. also what i did like about using the camera with the adaptor is it gives you a little viewing screen so multiple people can observe, i was just wondering how planetary and lunar imaging will turn out with a dslr camera attatched? without tracking etc i mean will it be worth buying i dslr camera will it make alot of difference to the images i get with the point and shoot?
  11. before getting a dob i had a scope with an eq1 mount and just couldnt get on with it(it did have a fault with it though) and the decision to move to a dob was the best move ever for me the ease of use and freedom you get with a dob is fantastic ive yet to get a wixey or setting circles but its something ill do when i eventually give in to aperture fever and upgrade to a 12" dob anyway id recommend a dob to anyone absolutely brilliant!
  12. its a long thin line very faint but fills up the entire eyepiece it seems slightly thicker in the central area i believe its up and to the left of venus in torus whatever it is im amazed by it and have spent the last 20 mins on it
  13. another vote for the 150p ive got it and love it, it has surpassed all expectations great scope for panetary and deep sky
  14. i was very impressed with what i saw not much difference to what i observed and the pictures i saw of them,id like to get a couple of globulars next any tips on easy(ish) to find glob clusters?
  15. this is what ive been seriously considering although ive got a 6" skyliner and would like to upgrade in the future but what size dob would really make a difference to the one i have?
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