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  1. Haven't seen any reviews for these guys, apologies if this has been covered already! As a newb I took a lot of advice from more expert friends, finally settling on a SW 200p (which I am very happy with!). I then researched all the online suppliers I could find (couldn't find a scope shop in or around Southampton - if anybody can point me in the direction?) settling on F1 as they were the cheapest. Ordered Thursday night, new scope arrived Monday morning! Followed by cloudy skies of course. I spoke with them on the phone to confirm delivery arrangements, and was very happy with the service received.
  2. Are the upgrade motors package for the EQ5 able to provide tracking capability to allow for rudimentary astrophotography?
  3. Hi & welcome - say hi to Buzz for me!
  4. According to BB theory, there was no space, time, or matter - just the singularity. The singularity had no mass - as there was no matter - it didn't come into being until after the BB. The quantum effect that triggered the BB bought spacetime and mater into being. What I can't understand is what "nothing" "nowhere"and "no-when" looks like!
  5. Interesting video, even more interesting hypotheses!
  6. Thanks Warthog - some great tips here. This is a very expensive hobby I've fallen into isn't it!
  7. Whoa! Steady on Ronin, in actual fact I'd love to have goto functionality, just can't afford it right now. Just having a laugh, Clear skies brother!
  8. Welcome - and clear skies! (from another newbie!)
  9. Thanks Brantuk, I will take a look!
  10. Scosmico is absolutely correct, it was in fact a fragment of the planet Krypton that you witnessed.
  11. Forgive the newb question, but does anyone think that it will be possible to catch sight of the space shuttle on its final mission?
  12. Sounds like a great night out! As a fellow newb, I can say that I share your enthusiasm, and like you Saturn was my first viewed object!
  13. Nice bit of carpentry! Hope you enjoy your new Astro Sauna!
  14. Looks brilliant - do you have a really really understanding spouse?
  15. 1100D - just got one for a birthday present - very very happy! As a newb though you may want to listen to some more experienced contributors.
  16. Cheers Tony, I have had pretty much exactly the same questions - well answered and thank you all. The Astronomy boy link is excellent!
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