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  1. Hi Josh. I've got an ST80 as part of Orions "awesome auto guider package" which i use for guiding my main scope and whilst the optics aren't too bad, the focuser is very cheap and flimsy. I would suggest trying to find a cheap secondhand APO refractor with a decent focuser as you'll soon outgrow the ST80 for AP. Cheers.
  2. Hi All, I looking for some inspiration for bolting down my (imminent) roll-off shed when it's not in use, so that it doesn't blow away during stormy weather. It's basically going to be a pent-style shed mounted on rails, which is sat on paving stones on a lawn. I'm thinking ground screws, or weights..? a bit stuck for ideas really. Any help appreciated. Cheers.
  3. Haha. Thanks for thinking aloud Olly. Inveted wheels idea sounds great! I'm going to leave it until the shed is "Operational" to see what level of support is required, but suspect it will be a mixture of the castors/blocks/adjustable legs for supporting around the slot. I've already bought 4 of these wheels, and 2 "Humped" rails : http://www.barrier-components.co.uk/hardware_for_gates/sliding_gate/fac_components2/10116_wheel They weren't cheap, but they look like they'll support the shed and glide nicely (Hopefully!) The company delivered next day by the way. Great service Cheers.
  4. Thanks Pete/Olly. I think having a floor is the way to go for the time being for me. The amount of rain we've had up here in the last 6mths certainly is one of the main factors and the added warmth of not standing directly on paving slabs. I had an idea of maybe having a "second floor" (just osb or ply) which hinges down over the slotted floor when using it as a warm room. I'm also thinking of using adjustable legs/levelling castors to bolster the areas around the slot, or anywhere else which looks a bit strained. I really like the desk pod idea too Olly. I was thinking about something similar, but maybe hinged so it can be stored vertically when not in use? I'm no artist, so sketches are probably out of the question! but will post progress pics as I go. Planning to start work this weekend
  5. Thanks for the replies, just to clarifiy.. I've got a 7x5 pent shed, with a door in the middle of one of the 7' walls. The plan is to fix a sliding-gate wheel in each corner of the shed, and roll the entire structure backwards on 2 rails (which are to be fitted in-line with each of the 5' walls) a couple of metres away from the pier. The pier (& scope) would fit through the door of the shed. I would then use the "empty" shed as a warm room for imaging. I'm ideally hoping the shed is small enough not to sag too much between the wheels, and I can therefore get away with the orginal structure of the shed (incl floor) but with a slot cut in the floor for the pier to engage into when the shed is "closed", but I have visions of the whole structure buckling or wheels being sheared off if I stand inside it when it is in the open position..? I guess reinforcing the floor and/or adding more than 4 wheels might be an answer...? Thanks agaim.
  6. Hi Guys, I'm weighing up the merits of having a floor in my planned roll-off shed obsy, and have seen designs on here both with and without floors... The way I see it: With floor: Pro's: Better protection from elements. Able to store kit boxes etc up off paving base. Cons: Need to make sure floor supports shed (and me when sat inside imaging) when jacked up on wheels. Heavier to roll off. Need to cut groove for pier. Without floor: Pro's: No worries about reinforcing floor to support me when sat inside. Lighter to roll off. Less rolling hardware required. Cons: Worse protection from elements, Need to reinforce walls etc to make up for lack of floor. Kit stored on paving base. Are there any other considerations I should, erm, consider? Cheers.
  7. Thanks for the replies guys. I approached a shed manufacturer too, and they have just got back to me with 183kg for a 7x5' which confirms the 3-4 cwt too. Helen - thanks for the gate rail advice too. I've found some kit on barrier-components.co.uk which looks interesting... Cheers.
  8. Afternoon All, I'm in the final planning stages for a roll-off shed (i.e. a wooden shed on castors/rails rolling clear of the pier when in use, rolling back over the pier when not in use) Does anyone have a ballpark idea of how much an average 6'x6' or 7'x5' pent shed would weigh? If I decide to go down the castor route i'll need to factor the shed weight into the type of castor purchased. Cheers.
  9. ... The puck being upside down occurred to me the other night too.. does it matter? Should the two puck bolts be on the left or right of the scope?
  10. Excellent. I can just picture it now trying to explain to the misses that the "ping" which woke her up was an email from my scope telling me it was lost Definitely going to download this though...
  11. Excellent. Thanks for the help chaps.
  12. Hi All, I'm thinking of upgrading my synscan handset from v3.27 > v3.28 beta to have a play with the new polar alighmernt routine.. The PDF instructions supplied with the download mention plugging the handset into a : "DC power supply with 7.5~15V/100mA output. Power plug should be 2.1mm diameter, tip positive" ... Is this the same plug / voltage / current as the power cable to my HEQ5 mount?, or do I need to use something else? Thanks in advance. Drakester
  13. Great job. Really nicely done. Thanks for sharing the progress pics. I'm in the planning stages of something very similar too and was wondering what size shed this is? I'm pondering a 6x6' to house my mount & scope. You also mention using swivel casters with hindsight, why is this? Cheers.
  14. Thanks for the advice chaps, the syncscan firmware update sounds interesting, I'll take a look. Cheers. Drakester.
  15. Hi All, I have recently moved house, and am planning installing a pier in the garden, with a view to a permanent obsy in the next few months. My view is quite obstructed with trees and buildings though, so I'm a bit restricted as to where to position the pier. My question is do I need a clear view of Polaris to polar align? (I'm planning to use my kit primarily for astro-photography) Thanks in advance. Drakester.
  16. Amazing photos. What kit are you using?
  17. Ben, There's an obvious punchline about seeing stars in there, but I'll refrain ! Glad there wasn't too much damage done. Still really enjoying your old Meade Apo. Hopefully imaging with it soon. Cheers, Matt
  18. Swag you're a star. Worked a treat for me too. Thanks very much!
  19. Hi Guys, I seem to have messed up my EQMOD set up somehow. I'm getting a run-time error 55 "File already open" whenever i try and connect my HEQ5,a secondary error message then pops up stating "Failed to load driver EQMOD.Telescope" I had been messing around deleting "In-use" COM ports earlier, which may wellhave been a cause..? I have uninstalled & reinstalled ASCOM 6.0 and EQMOD to no avail..? Any help gratefully received. Cheers, Matt
  20. Orion awesome Autoguider package :-) and after weeks of research for a decent piggyback/side-by-side mount solution I found it screws right into my Meade APO tube rings. Awesome indeed :-)))
  21. Hi Guys, I'm trying to find an auto focuser (USB or handheld) that would fit the dual-speed focuser on my Meade 5000 127mm APO. Any ideas whether the Starwatcher or other makes might fit? Thanks in advance. Cheers.
  22. Thanks guys. Saturn was just last week, and the scope was almost horizontally pointing west, so I guess I was viewing through an awfully large amount of atmosphere... Dweller, what happens if I push magnification above 300x ? Cheers.
  23. Hi. I'm looking to get a 3x or 5x Barlow / Telextender for my Meade 5000 127mm. (FL 950mm) refractor. My smallest EP is a 9mm, which by my reckoning would give 317x and 528x magnification. ...this is basically being driven by the fact that Saturn still looked pretty small with the 9mm EP and 2x barlow. (211x) I'm being drawn to getting the 5x barlow, but am I missing the point here and will I lose detail or resolution... or focus? Any help appreciated! Cheers.
  24. Don't forget the Space Shuttle next month... miss it and it's gone forever..!
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