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  1. I'll take it anytime over my 10", but then I'd need a new hatchback...
  2. Milky way, lots in the kitchen, kids love them!!
  3. Another thing to think about is aperture fever. Get the biggest you can to delay the appearance of the disease!! :-P
  4. Fantastic picture!!! It's going on my desktop right now.
  5. Yes, very nice pic. Thanks for sharing!
  6. I had a chance for the first time to see M8, M27 and M57 with an O-III, and all I have to say is... WOW! Still can't get the view out of my mind! Do the same ASAP
  7. Let us know how you like it! (with pics, it's always nice to have first impressions!)
  8. Come on, you know you want that 10" ;-) Get that, you'll be set for a while. I am very glad I did that, the quantity and quality of DSO's to be seen is amazing!
  9. Fantastic help! If nobody comes up with a solution to the puzzle I'll take you up on that! :-) Cheers!
  10. Hello all! After unscrewing the bottom part of my 2" 26mm Meade eyepiece, well, all the lenses came out, flop into the grass. I have no idea how this could be, but it has. So, I cleaned everything in light bio soap and rinsed off with distilled water, the lenses aren't scratched and are clean. But which way does it all go in??? The lenses are separated by barrels which are notched on some ends, and either way you put the lens it seems to fit. I'd like to touch them as little as possible, so I come for advice. Not too worried as I've gotten some better EP's, but it's a bummer and would like to get this resolved. Many thanks as always!
  11. New scope order=bad weather coming up, it always seem to work that way!
  12. Food for thought: Green laser pointer. I've always had that and can't think of going back one second: precise, efficient and cheap. Perhaps I'm missing something (other than not being able to use it a star parties)? Cheers!
  13. Before getting my more expensive EP's, I've always enjoyed my Swan 15mm 72° (even on the Barlow as well). Sharp images on both planetary and deep sky without breaking the piggybank ;-)
  14. After cleaning the mirror well (still no touching), it looks sharper. I did shine a laser on the back side of it and measured the different spots. Totaled up, it equals a loss of approximately 0.0118% of light compared to the whole surface At that point, it was just mental torture looking at it. The weather is bad here, got nothing else to do...
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