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  1. WHy do we need gravity when the earth is flat
  2. Shame it was so very annoying .... what has happened to Horizon
  3. That looks much better than anything I've achieved so far - what scope do you have?
  4. Just tell him that you will provide him with free prints of his wife getting undressed to keep him quiet!
  5. Yep, clear skies for 2 days here too, right above the clouds!
  6. Its ridiculous that people can be taken in so easily ....... its not even mars, its the old sand pits at Stourbridge!
  7. Well thats both great news and bad news. For now I will have to dig out my old copies of all Burroughs books and re-read them. Problem is that I was between 9 and 12 when I last read them and loved them all and I doubt if they are as good as they are with my rose tinted memory.
  8. Sad journalism ... yes your right but it only reflects the readers requirements. Here we are able to look a photos of another planet (am I the only person here who is still in awe of such an achievement) and all the majority want to look for is sign of life, which is pathetic really because if we did find it, the same majority would then deny it anyway because it clashed with their fairy tales about everything. Edgar Rice Burrows ... wow I thought I was the only person who read those, I was addicted to all his books, especially the Mars series, I still have some early editions somewhere
  9. Geeks? does this mean people always striving for more knowledge? in otherwords people who dont buy the sun ... unless they want the £9.50 holidays
  10. Perhaps they are but someone saying that someone else is very nice does not stop them from being wrong about almost everything. (There were some very eminent religious people who said Hitler was nice) The point here is that our tiny little brains are not built to comprehend either universe option, either its infinite or finite, and according to some of my esteemed colleagues, anyone that claims to know or understand such topics ..... doesn't. I simply cannot grasp the concept that we all came about from nothing but that does not mean I need to believe in fairies or try and fit all the evidence we do have into what I can understand. When I look to the sky I see very beautiful things (well I used to until the clouds took permanent residence) and each time I begin to understand a little more about even less than I did before the night began.
  11. Your all wrong: http://www.creationmuseum.org/
  12. Absolutely every electrical item I have ever bought from Aldi or Lidl has been useless. I would not recommend any generic or unknown branded item what so ever. If its branded then great but otherwise noooooooooooooo
  13. I have decided to face ridicule by uploading one of my early attempts at photographing Mars. I can assure you all that on this night I saw absolutely no detail like this. This was with my LX90 and a MS lifecam (I have since purchased a philips webcam with CCD chip) (click to enlarge) I now expect a plethora of emails like Is your image too small, then contact ...... Embarassed by the size of your mirror ...... Poor performance at night, then visit ...... Do girls laugh at your imaging ......
  14. This is a wonderful forum but perhaps some things to perhaps think about: Beginner’s forum ... when does one stop being a beginner and become a amateur. Surely there will often be the case that one is a beginner at some part of it. For example I now have a scope but know nothing of filters, need some advice on webcam-ing? Etc. More use of ‘stickies’ – Perhaps too the use of stickies (whatever they are called) might avoid the proliferation of the same few questions being asked over and over and over again. Eg: Which scope should you buy? What can you expect to see? What software is available? Useful astro sites One of the problems for those new to this hobby is finding out about stuff after the event and whilst SGL has a monthly guide it’s a little out of date. So why not have a link to the BBC monthly guide (or other if there are better). This may promote users to contribute more. However just keeping up the great work is great.
  15. Astroman you make it sound like 'magic eye' pictures, remember those? I faith in your conviction though Astroman, its just that since taking up this hobby in November, we have not had many decent observing nights. Also as the long winter nights and mornings depart, I am not sure I will be able to stay up or get up. All I can say is that this site and forum ensures I will continue this hobby, and without it I am sure by now I would have sold my scope. Thanks all for the advice and the confirmation that many of us are in the same boat. Guess i will buy some filters ... and perhaps the mother of all fans to blow away those pesky clouds. Regards Bob
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