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  1. I also use Olympus DPS1 10x50s. They're good, and they don't cost much - £65. The are easily tripod mountable with a low cost adapter (all but very large binoculars require an adapter, but a decent metal one only costs seven quid).
  2. Hi, yes, found one, a 9x50, has bracket and mount. Message me if you want it. Jon
  3. I tdhink I have a spare one somewhere. Will have a look and let you know.
  4. That really is a bargain. Manual focus is no chore on such a wide angle lens. I'd have had it myself but for the fact that I already have a very similar lens.
  5. Projection eyepiece, digiscoper sold, x-cel on hold. Others still available
  6. Loads of eyepieces for sale - I really need to have a clear out. All prices are for posted in mainland UK. All are either in bolt cases or original boxes. Celestron X-Cel LX 7mm £45 Celestron Omni plossl 6mm £20 Celestron Omni plossl 12mm £20 Meade 4000 26mm £25 Revelation 40mm camera projection eyepiece £30 The following eyepieces are, I am pretty sure, all GSO. They are all the same design. An opportunity to put together a good range at low cost. 6mm £20 9mm £20 15mm £20 20mm £20 Finally, a digiscoping afdapter. Can be used to hold any camera with a standar tripod thread for digiscoping. Like this: https://www.telescopehouse.com/universal-digiscoping-adapter.html £20 Payments to be made by PayPal or bank transfer. Jon
  7. Similar question. Do you know if it fits an Evostar 120 frac?
  8. Excellent review Rob, and I'm delighted you like it. Jon
  9. I've got one in mint condition. Boxed and in an outer carton. Could be collected from central London or posted at your cost/risk. What would you offer me for it?
  10. Excellent Eclipse Maksutov Cassegrain scope. Makes a perfect grab and go scope. Spec below. I tend to use it on a big camera tripod, but I'll also chuck in a dovetail bar to allow mounting to an astro mount. Also includes the 25mm plossl shown in the pics. Bright, contrasty views, and has the massive advantage of a flip dual mount, with the upper giving corrected upright views, so can be used as a terrestial spotter as well as an astro scope. Collection from central London, or I'll post for £16 to buyers who accept that they meet the risk of damage in transit - couriers don't generally honour insurance claims for optical gear. That said, I will pack with great care. Price is £100 plus postage as above. Spec: Maksutov-Cassegrain (Mak) telescopes are versatile optical instruments. They provide very sharp, high contrast images from a compact tube. In addition to astronomical uses, Maks are also popular for terrestrial/wildlife viewing. Eclipse's MAKVIEW4 is a splendid little 105mm f/13 telescope. It uses high quality BK7 glass and features a wavefront of 1/5 wave (corresponding to a surface accuracy of 1/10 wave) or better. This Mak is capable of high magnification views as well. Planets and Lunar targets are commonly viewed above 200x. Physical finish and construction are among the best you will find at this price. The integrated flip mirror system is also perfect for attaching a digital camera and viewing through an eyepiece at the same time. The telescope comes complete with 2 high quality plossl eyepieces (6.5mm and 20mm), a 6 x 30 finderscope, and an internal flip diagonal system. The Eclipse MAKVIEW4 telescope can also be used as a spotting scope. This telescope is offered in an OTA package with the listed accessories only. However, it can be easily mounted on photo-tripods capable of carrying its weight or on many of the popularly available telescope mounts such as those from Celestron, Synta, Vixen, etc. (not included). Primary mirror diameter 105mm Focal length, f ratio 1365mm, f/13 Near focusing distance 11'-6" (3.5m) Theoretical resolution 1.29" Limiting visual stellar magnitude 12.1 Image scale 1.07 degree/inch Coatings Transmitting mirror - MgF2; Correcting Lens - aluminum anti-reflection coating Visual back 1.25" Finderscope 6x30mm Diagonal 1.25" w/Flip Mirror System Eyepiece(s) 20mm (68x) and 6.5mm (210x) Plossl eyepieces Physical secondary mirror obstruction 33mm (31.4% by diameter) Optical tube dimensions (diameter x length) 5" x 13"
  11. I think all around the world, societies need to teach something pretty important in addition to science. We need to teach everyone about tolerance, of others' views, their faith or lack of faith. Monocultural intolerance is all too prevalent in a range of cultures around the world. That is what has stoked up this sort of atrocity.
  12. Lots of people get obsessed with shutter counts. Canon used to state the expected life of their mid range cameras as 100,000 (I think the pro ranges were 250k or something) so yours, at well under 10k is a very low count. However, Canon shuters are very reliable, and many go on and on way past the 100k point. The general condition of the camera is more important. This one loooks to be in really excellent condition.
  13. I've got a pair of these as well, and have also been impressed with them. I wouldn't try to hand hold them at all. Mine go on a monster Brembo MkV tripod. This extends to 2.4m which means it's big enough to use the clever design of the tripod to put the bins in the right place without tripping over tripod legs. One other thing to mention is that, if you happen to give them a knock, these binoculars are very easy to recollimate yourself at home.
  14. Yes, I saw one in my garden recently and it was very sprightly. Incidentally, goodness only knows why the forum removed a word, it was nothing at all contentious, I just made reference to your comment only being a bit of a joke.
  15. I know it was just a [removed word] comment, but please don't feed hedgehogs milk, it's not at all good for them. A little bit of dog food will be more like it, as long as you don't have marauding neighbourhood cats or foxes, which will eat the dog food and scare off the hedgehogs.
  16. Revelation binoviewer for sale, complete with two pairs of eyepieces. In very good condition, complete with original aluminium box, a pair of FMC 12mm wide angle eyepieces and a pair of FMC 20mm wide angle eyepieces. New from Telescope House the binoviewer alone is £125. For both sets of eyepieces plus the viewer the price is a mere £120, plus postage. Postage will be £8. Can also be collected from Victoria area of London.
  17. No, that's not right. Loctite is a brand name for a range of adhesives of varying properties, but generally intended for thread applications. SuperGlue is a cyanoacrylate. Threadlock is a product intended for locking threads to a varying degree of 'removeability'. That's quite the opposite of what cyanoacrylates or SuperGlue is intended to do.
  18. Depends on how tall you are and the size of the bins. If you're not too tall and the bins are something like 10x50 this is great http://www.amazon.co.uk/AmazonBasics-Tripod-Pistol-Inches-Adjustable/dp/B00CF1LS94/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1432882799&sr=8-5&keywords=ravelli+tripod For bigger bins or if you're tall you'll need a taller tripod. Lots of folk prefer a decent monopod to a tripod, to overcome the inherent problems of tripping over legs and of bending your neck at an uncomfortable angle. A bit more info and you might be able to get a better recommendation.
  19. Mine turned up today, at work, so I was able to have a play with it, but haven't mounted anything on it so far. For the money, £31 delivered, it's a fantastic piece of kit. The head is really nicely made, the tripod is pretty stable and very versatile, and it all even comes with a pretty decent bag so I can sling it over my shoulder. I really wanted mine for my DSLR, as I've got an absolute monster Benbo 5 for my binoculars, and I think it will be brilliant for that.
  20. Thanks for posting, just ordered one as well.
  21. Fixed primaries on the ones I'm using.
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