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  1. I've got three Benbo tripods, the largest of which is the rare Mk V. It is massive and hugely sturdy. It's enough to support a large format camera, and I've used it with binoculars up to 25x100 with a beefy head. I've also used it both standing and reclining. It weighs an absolute ton and setting it up is a bit like wrestling an octopus but once in position it works very well. Note that the trekker model is a fair bit lighter, so more portable but not quite so sturdy
  2. Christopher Frost's review of this lens found it to be very sharp in the centre and sharp in the corners at f2. He demoed it as very sharp ascross the frame at f2.8. Dustin Abbott in the US found much the same.
  3. Agreed. The Samyang F2 is great, and that super fast aperture is fantastic for terristrial subjects as well, but if your Fuji is good and sharp, stick with it. Generally speaking, don't get obsessed with gear, once you get over a basic quality threshold (which you're already over) the biggest variable is the photographer.
  4. I've just looked into Jessops/Camera Jungle, and it seems the property arm of the company is in administration. Jessops Europe, the main camera supply company is still trading, at least for the time being. Personally I'd still shop at MPB. Having used both MPB and Camera Jungle I find the prices and quality to be better at MPB, and they certainly have a lot more stock.
  5. Again..... Have a look at MPB.com, they have a vastly wider range of stock than Camera Jungle and are still an ongoing trading entity.
  6. I also use Olympus DPS1 10x50s. They're good, and they don't cost much - £65. The are easily tripod mountable with a low cost adapter (all but very large binoculars require an adapter, but a decent metal one only costs seven quid).
  7. Hi, yes, found one, a 9x50, has bracket and mount. Message me if you want it. Jon
  8. I tdhink I have a spare one somewhere. Will have a look and let you know.
  9. That really is a bargain. Manual focus is no chore on such a wide angle lens. I'd have had it myself but for the fact that I already have a very similar lens.
  10. Projection eyepiece, digiscoper sold, x-cel on hold. Others still available
  11. Loads of eyepieces for sale - I really need to have a clear out. All prices are for posted in mainland UK. All are either in bolt cases or original boxes. Celestron X-Cel LX 7mm £45 Celestron Omni plossl 6mm £20 Celestron Omni plossl 12mm £20 Meade 4000 26mm £25 Revelation 40mm camera projection eyepiece £30 The following eyepieces are, I am pretty sure, all GSO. They are all the same design. An opportunity to put together a good range at low cost. 6mm £20 9mm £20 15mm £20 20mm £20 Finally, a digiscoping afdapter. Can be used to hold any camera with a standar tripod thread for digiscoping. Like this: https://www.telescopehouse.com/universal-digiscoping-adapter.html £20 Payments to be made by PayPal or bank transfer. Jon
  12. Similar question. Do you know if it fits an Evostar 120 frac?
  13. Excellent review Rob, and I'm delighted you like it. Jon
  14. I've got one in mint condition. Boxed and in an outer carton. Could be collected from central London or posted at your cost/risk. What would you offer me for it?
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