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  1. Chris - No problem I am always in the workshop, if you need the address let me know.
  2. Russ Newbourn is set in a river valley and the effect from Felixstowe is mimimal to say the least. I also lived at Butley for a while and I would choose Newbourn evey time. The Orwell obs group hold star evenings at the Newbourn village hall so it must have something going for it. Thanks Graham
  3. Hi Chris. Having grown up at no 1 Ipswich road which is 2 mins from this park I can confirm that the skies at Newbourn are very dark and perfect for our chosen past time. Graham
  4. Roger what camera is it. I have a Canon 350 d here that I managed to blow up the circuit board doing the ir filter mod. If you need a sensor or shutter you are more than welcome to raid this one for bits. Graham
  5. That is looking stunning Peter. You have put in a lot of hard work there. When it is finished it is going to be a first rate set up. Well done you should be very proud. Graham
  6. Jason32 There might be a way around this I think. You can move the primary mirror up the tube thus moving the focal point out further at the EP. That is assuming your 130 does not have the focal lens in the base of the focus tube. If it does then I think you are stuffed. If it does not have the lens then stick a thread on the DIY section about moving the mirror. There are a lot of very clever people on there who will tell you exactly what you need to do to achieve this.
  7. No problem but be gental with it. What you are doing is compressing a rubber gromet inside the mount.
  8. Hi Scott If you look above the RA clutch lever where the slow mo control comes out of the mount you will see a nut with a ring nut behind it. Slacken the lock nut and very very gently do up the ring nut. This will remove the backlash in the worm gear. It is important that you only do it a fraction at a time. When you have adjusted it a tiny bit rotate the RA using slow mo adjuster. What you are looking for is any tight spots you may have introduced into the gearing. Continue until the backlash has diminished to an acceptable level. I you come across any tight spots back off the ring nut slight
  9. Cheers Rik I knew someone would be along soon who could put me straight.
  10. It depends of what you are intending to use. If you are going to be using a webcam it should be ok for planetary and luna. If you are think DSS then you will probabley have issues with it. You may have to correct me on this and I dare say someone will but I didnot think the EQ3 had goto. If I am correct in my thinking then DSS stuff will be out of its reach as you will not be able to guide it. But like I say I stand to be corrected on that one. Hope it helps. Graham
  11. No probs Andy - have fun with yours.
  12. Hi Andy they are a machined interference fit with the plate secured with a metal glue.
  13. Glad to here it is working ok Alistair. If anyone else wants to sort their's out this is what I did to penguins. I first stripped the gearbox down. I removed the stripped gear cog and spindle, cleaned them up and soldered them together. I then removed all the plastic bearings and replaced them with with Brass bearings. Then it was just a case of rebuilding the gearbox and trimming back the bush that encroached on the main drive shaft hole. Job done. See the photo.
  14. you don't need one. Make the filter as described in many threads on here. 2 Cardboard rings. You make the rings fit which ever scope you are using.
  15. Now that is the best idea I've seen yet. Nice one 'Moonshane'
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