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  1. I was disappointed with aresponse to their forum last year. Being on a pension after finishing work on health grouonds I reckoned that the highest budget I could outlay would be $1000, and asked if it would be better to upgrade scope, buy software or buy a more expensive camera ( instead of a standard DSLR i lready have, or een a philips webcam, which I also have). Mr W.'s response was that I should not cut corners but spend more on both, not restricting myself to my budget. I ahd assumed that 'the new CCD' mean users new to CCD, apparently I was mistaken - CCD was new a decade or so back and his group has kept the name whilst using
  2. If I'd known there were so many Teesiders looking upwards I would never have moved from there to Cyprus! 8)
  3. Hi guys, For years I've been looking at the night sky, then a year or so back I started 'sky-gazing' when I retired, using eyes and binocular that 'the heiress' bought me for Xmas. Also been using a couple of computer programs (Skychart (Cartes de Ciel) & Stellarium) to find my way around a bit better. Just lashed out on an old newtonian & Vixen GP/DX mount so, hopefully, be able to get that up & running shortly. Looks a great site - also looks like I'll be spending some time wandering around here.
  4. Been lurking for a while, reading, looking at sky with eyes & bino, whilst saving for a scope. Fortunately someone I know wanted to get rid of a 10" Newtonian, pedestal & a (faulty) DD-1 controller for a very good price (free) so I'm ready to go - except I fell off a ladder and cracked my scapula, torn tendons so I can't put it all together.....
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