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  1. I was at a star party and the instructor used a green laser. Pretty awesome. I want one. What power or what do I look for so I get the right one. I live in canada Also he used a cAmera with delayed exposure we could see more nebulas and such with the camera than with the human eyeball. Any ideas on a basic setup do I can do this too? Do I need A special camera aNd is it Attached to its own telescope? What power of telescope do I need thanks to u all
  2. I've downloaded the electron sky portal app. How do I direct connect it to my celestron 6se? I see that I can buy the wireless adapter. But how do I connect using the existing cord? Tgabks
  3. Well it does get to -35 here...but if I'm out doing astronomy then I deserve to cook my telescope....thankls for the info
  4. I have the celestron 6se..love it First off, can I use the scope in winter? I am worried about the electronics in it... If I can what are the precautions? like what is the lowest temperature, is there a warming cover I should use? etc etc Any experience is helpful...thanks
  5. I have a celestron 6se, got some dew on the optics last night and noticed some small dust particles...lookin for tips on cleaning or what products to buy for cleaning it....thanks
  6. Thanks for the information...Meteors were impressive last night, along with Jupiter, moon and Venus
  7. Got my telescope out for an extended time and the main optic fogged over...what is the best product to reduce this? I never realized how cold even the eyepiece gets on a warm summer night Thanks!
  8. Ive followed all the tips...level, picked altair adn polaris and mizar...and tried all the alignment types...even tried to change some settings...either I get alignment failed or with one star it alignes...but is way off...I must have something incorrect...but in checking everything I dont see what I can be doing wrong...any help is appreciated!
  9. Thanks for the help...you just saved me cash and time - I'll just stick with what I got... Able to see Saturn last week...Saturn always looks like someone cut it out of paper and stuck it on the lense
  10. With the named meteor showers they say you should see 20 to 30 per hour...so when I see 2 meteors, I'm thinkin what is goin on?
  11. I have been outside trying to see meteor showers for a couple of years... I get out there at the right time...like 3am, and wait and wait and wait....I maybe see 1 meteor or 2 I am out of the city and the last one was without a full moon, so I should have seen more... Am I doing something wrong or is that just the way it goes? Thanks!
  12. I have the Celestron 6se and bought the Baader Clickzoom 8mm-24mm...love it The question I had is the 6SE has a highest useful magnification of 354x, which is a 4mm eyepiece I am wondering if it is worth it to get the Baader Barlow 2.25x to get to the highest magnification, or if things like Saturn and Jupiter are just about as good as it gets with the 8mm lense I already have. I know I'd see the planets closer up, but seeing them at this mag, not sure if there is more to see with a higher power. Thansk!
  13. will take the advice... still for some strange reason, you'd think it wouldnt be that big of a deal... wont try it...nuff said!
  14. Just got some solar glasses...for upcoming solar eclipse...wondering...what harm would it be to be wearing the glasses and look at the sun with binoculars? It says not to on the instructions...but really could it damage my eyes? Thanksd!
  15. I think the cost of the eyepiece is excellent if it works as advertised...I'll give it a shot!
  16. Thanks for the info... AWR I haven't heard anything but good reviews of the clickzoom...what say you? (Lord of the Rings!)
  17. Since the celestron 6se has 1500mm focal length, highest mag = 354x, f10, 150mm aperature mag=fl telescope / fl of eyepiece fl of eyepiece = 1500 / 354 = 4.23 So with the baader click zoom I would get 187 mag for the 8mm setting and the max I could use for my scope is up to 4mm eyepiece. My question is...if I buy the clickzoom (8mm -24mm) and then buy the clickzoom barlow that attaches to it (makes the clickzoom 3.5 to 10mm).. is it a good idea to buy both together? Thanks!
  18. I was told to get the filters for the moon and planets...but maybe I'll just stick to the Orion variable polarizing filter...so I can turn the brightness of the moon down!
  19. How do you know which Baader filters to go with...as there is a blue set, red set, green, etc? as on this site: Canadian Telescopes : Accessories : Filters
  20. So the Aperature of the scope is 150mm...which by your calculations...the dew shield should be from about 9" to 12" inches... that about right?
  21. It was mentioned to get the #82 or #80 blue filter...which is $30.00 But there is a filter kit from Celestron 94119-10 with #21, #80, #15, polarizing filter = $45.00 Which is the better deal? Another option is the Baader Premium Filter sets for $70 Need some help deciding.... I was about to get the Antares ND13 moon filter for $15, but was advised to get the Orion variable polarizing filter instead for $40.00
  22. Anyone got the dimensions...I am gonna make my own and can't find the dimensions for the original? Thanks
  23. I had a question: The 6se uses a 1.25 size eyepiece...does it make ANY sense to go to a 2" eyepiece and adapter? Also I was wondering...can I use 2 filters on top of one another...for example if i get the light pollution filter and a #80 blue filter...can i use both at the same time...or is it just one or the other? Thansk
  24. I'm just re-updating my 6se...I actually had SLT firmware downloaded in it! A great site is www.nexstarsite.com which has directions to getting it updated properly... HC should be 4.20NXS and MC = 5.14
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