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  1. Wow, fantastic responses! It sure does stay with you. Been seeing it in my mind's eye all week now and can't stop telling friends about it.
  2. Well, I told you I'd let you know! Found it where it should be after a bit of a wait due to next door's house roof being in the way. A tremendous sight and I now feel like a fully fledged amateur astronomer (ok so I'm not as experienced as some but the excitement has got to me! I'm even missing Shameless so I can post this topic!). Thanks to all the well wishers. It's great to have such support and I'm glad I joined SGL.
  3. Thanks Lightbucket. I shall endeavour to do so. Rest assured that when I do find it I shall let you all know!
  4. As a newbie I was getting worried that some of you would be blaming me for bad seeing in view of my recent scope purchase. I can now breathe a sigh of relief after reading postings in this thread. I've had some great views of the moon and the Pleiades with my 6inch dob. Had some trouble locating M42 but got there in the end. Can't seem to get it in my 10mm eyepiece but the 25mm gives a good view. Hopefully I'll get better at targeting. One thing I would ask, why do the gasses in M42 appear as greyish white at the moment.My mate says he's seen them as blue and on other occasions green (without
  5. Blimey! Didn't know I would start a flood of sackcloth and ashes! :D
  6. Sorry to disappoint! I bought a Skywatcher 150P from Stockport Binocular and telescope Centre for 150 quid. Great service and advice. Up to now I've only viewed the first quadrant of the moon (and the local windfarm to align the finderscope!) but hope to eventually get some viewing in proper.
  7. Fellow Gazers, you are all complaining about the weather and I fear that it is all my fault. You see, I purchased my first 'scope a week ago and have noticed a continuation of the bad weather which I can only put down to my new acquisition. Will you ever forgive me?
  8. Hi buddy. When I say Lancs I mean Greater Manchester but I was never happy with that change of borders. I'm about equidistant from Bury and Rochdale and my house is virtually South (front) to North oriented which helps in star hopping. Just been weighing up Perseus again and Mars was well visible but is now obscured by cloud.
  9. Hi Naz, Bit far out there. I mean Heywood Lancs. The stools in the pubs have holes in for our tails.
  10. Ow do. Was directed here by a friend who sports an 8" Dob. I've only got bins at present and am feeling my way around. Had success locating Comet Holmes and the Pleiades. Don't look too bad in the bins but this Christmas I'm hoping to get a 6" Dob as a starter. Years ago had a friend at school who sparked my interest but the Temple of Mammon, Memsahib and offspring overwrote it until now. Regards
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