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  1. Hi,doubt i can get a pic together but i didnt realise you could focus it,not sure how anything could get on it considering its all sealed up? I guess you can take it out not sure how though
  2. Hi all,when i look through my polarscope to do the alignment of the pole star there seems to be a black blob of scratches in the middle of my eye`s view,i end up trying to look around it when trying to align the pole star,its right in the way,anybody know what this is and can i get rid of it? I seem to remember my last SW EQ6 had this but not as bad Any idea`s? Thanks
  3. OK great I'll have a look when i get home, thanks for your reply
  4. Hi all, Was wondering if you can turn down the brightness in the reticule,mine seems really bright red and have trouble locating any stars even Polaris Thanks Kirk
  5. Yep think goto was out,ok thanks i`ll try those things you suggested. Cheers
  6. After finally getting set up with polar alignment and goto i attached my dslr and focused then slewed to M31 and took an exposure to find no galaxy in shot,checked my guiding scope which is a 80mm refractor with diagonal and 40mm eyepiece piggybacked on my main scope a Ts 90mm triplet and no sign of the galaxy in view.Do i need a wider fov eyepiece or is there another way to locate that galaxy? Thanks Kirk
  7. Ok great ,is there somewhere i can get the proper mapping units i need for my position?
  8. Ok just wondering where you got the 000 29 W from my position -0.478 W?
  9. Hi, When placing co-ordinates in my SW NEQ6 hand set my location is N 51.097 and W -0.478 how do i place the Westerly position in the handset,theres no position for the point its 3 digits then two digit spaces?Guess the first 3 are the degrees? Sorry for the dumb question Thanks
  10. I set up indoors just to try APT out,only just downloaded it,yep i think you have nailed it i didnt realise the last image stayed there
  11. Hi,yes the saved images were overexposed which i thought they would be but i thought the image on apt window would disappear after a few seconds and return to a black window
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