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  1. Hello welcome to the forum Lem
  2. I need some advice please. I want to get a mains power adapter for my Skywatcher Skyliner 250PX FlexTube GOTO. Which one can I use and which one would members recommend?
  3. Apologies for any misunderstanding, is this the 1145p Goto Handset? Therefore, if I got a new SW 1145p AZ Goto, and plugged that into my auto Dob it would work too??
  4. Hello, I'm thinking of buying the Skymax 102 AZ Synscan with GoTo as a Grab & Go set-up and wanted to know what experience or knowledge the good folk of SGL know regarding this scope? I am keen on both DSOs and planetary observation. I would like to know also if it's worth buying this particular scope over another within the price range, either a reflector, refractor or Mak etc? Any help & advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  5. I think it's best to get the synscan goto AZ Mount & Tripod combo then on your recommendation. Cheers!
  6. Thanks brantuk. One more question - If I used a Sky-Watcher Mercury 707 Synscan AZ GOTO Telescope handset on my dob would that be compatible?
  7. Hi folks, just a quick question.. Can I upgrade my SW Synscan handset for my 200p Dob to a GOTO system with this handset: SkyWatcher SynScan V.3 Updateable Handset Hand Control ALT AZ [skyWatcher-20109] - 149.00 : 365Astronomy: Discovery for every day! ?? Thanks
  8. I hope to see this at some point. It will be an amazing and inspiring sight
  9. One


    Hello, I've been reading the Stargazerslounge Forum for a few months now and have decided to join the group. There are quite a large number of members, and I hope to learn a great deal about astronomy from this forum. I've already learned so much. I have recently bought a pair of 10x50 binos, but hope to buy a telescope in the near future. Which scope would you recommend? I'm definitely thinking of the EQ mount, as I hope to do astrophotography eventually, and prehaps a 8" reflector. Cheers Raymond
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