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  1. wayneh

    M42 - M43

    yea have to say a very good sketch indeed i would be well happy with that one.
  2. yea have to say it looks nice, was just a quick look as i was moving things out the yard as the water was coming close to us last night lol
  3. you will have lots of fun with that set up i have the same my self... roll on clear skys
  4. i have just got the 20mm my self cant wait to get out with it ...
  5. Have to say i would be over the moon with this my self
  6. hi and welcome. were in the north east are you ?
  7. Nice one :-) I have a day of on saturday so im going out tonight to have another look,
  8. sounds like a skywatcher UHC filter is the next thing i will be getting :-)
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