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  1. It does indeed! for the little i've managed to use it i've had some great views, heres sto loads more now i got the chance! cant wait lol And yes todd, the nights went to a very long period of hibernation for me but now my love for the skies have reawakened! I've missed it
  2. antman

    Hi from Kent

    Hi Stuart, Welcome to SGL from a newbie too! Ant
  3. Yes thats the one! lol gotta love the fish, always feel like you escape the vale when you get to the top lol And thank you guys for the great welcome!
  4. Hi all, I just joined today so wanted to say a big hello! My names Anthony and I'm from Broadway, Worcestershire. I've been looking skyward since I was knee high and have always been amazed each time, thinking on all that's up there yet only knowing a tiny slice! I used to live in east london up to 10 years ago so skies were always orange lol and ursa major ONLY consisted of its asterism! But now in worcestershire I am in my element! I currently own a CPC 1100 but not had the opportunity to fully apreciate all I can see with it but looking forward to getting out and observing! Look forward to chatting with you all soon! Ant
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