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  1. I just bury my self in my scarf, gloves, coat, then i have a blanket, and then theres a heater as well!!!!!!!!! Its get very flippin cold out there at 2 in the mornin!!!! Stella :stars:
  2. Hello happy astronomers. Just saying hi to everyone on Stargazers. Just so ya no, i am good buds with your very own Shifter (aka Brian) and am often sat next to him freeing my feet off, watching fantastic images appear on screen (so if i do sound biased towards him..thats why. LOL ) Ok, well i'll leave it at that, on this very murky and cloudy friday morning. at 10 to 2. Stella :stars:
  3. :shock: WOW. Never seen one that good before, only bested by the great hubble itself. LOL Nice work.
  4. Fantastic. Just annoyed that you did it when i wasn't there! How vary dare you, savin the best things for when i'm not here... But as i said before. Brill. (just a shame about that satellite.........beggars Stella
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