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  1. This may not be the best pace to post this information but I thought it is interesting. I have a Pentax PF-80EDa with their wonderful 20-60 variable eyepiece. It's a beautifully scope for terrestrial viewing. I paid over $1000 a few years ago for it. I recently bought a used C5 at a second hand store in excellent condition. It came with a equatorial mount, motor drive, prism diagonal and 26mm plossl. I paid $179 for it. I bought a set of Bob's knobs for it so collimation is a snap. I've bought a few more eye pieces since. I recently set them both up in the morning to see how they co
  2. I'm brand new to this forum and to astronomy in general. I just purchased a like-new Celestron C5 with an Orion EQ2 equatorial tripod from a local 2nd hand consignment store for $179. It has a special dovetail that attaches the EQ2 with two 1/4x20 knob screws. It came with a 9v motor drive and a 25mm plossl. I just bought a new set of 5 assorted Celestron ranging from 4mm to 32mm including a 2x Barlow plus filters through a special deal at Amazon for $70. The whole outfit has cost me $249 so far. Seems like a good deal to me. Any advice on getting started and what to view? I figured out
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