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  1. Thanks to the links above, Ive just downloaded the Virtual Moon Atlas onto my desktop. I've never come across this one before believe it or not. I'm impressed. The interface looks quite antiquated but it does the job and it's free. Now downloading some of the higher resolution maps. Mobile devices are cool but you can't beat a good size desktop PC screen for things like this.
  2. Who cares? We'll all be dead by then.
  3. I haven't purchased a physical astronomy magazine in years. They take up room and normally end up in a big pile tossed away in a cupboard. Especially now we have the Internet and the wealth of reading and video material at our disposal one can really stay up-to-date on the subject. I'm all digital now and I'm subscribed to a magazine called Space at only £2.49. They haven't been going as long as the other magazines but apart from their printed format, at least they've transitioned to to the digital format. I can now take all my magazines wherever i go now and read them on my iPad.
  4. I think you misunderstand me. My post was enquiring about how Users of Starry Night get their orbit data for satellites like the ISS. I just happened to mention the two Windows PC programs I had in passing so-to-speak and how easy it was to manually copy and paste TLE's.
  5. What's up with the orbit data in Stellarium? There is a satellite named OPS 8180 (RADCAT) and it's moving round the Earth like the clappers lol. A revolution in well under a minute. I only noticed this when I selected 'Satellite Hints' to see what satellites and spent objects were above my horizon and the OPS one came hurtling down through the sky, below the horizon and round again. I've Googled this and it's known this is happening. I deleted the satellites.json file and let Stellarium generate another one but it hasn't solved it. Just wondering if anybody else has noticed this and wether
  6. I don't use Starry Night. How does it update the satellites? I use SkySafari Pro and we just have a button to click 'Update Minor Body Orbit Data' which updates asteroids, comets and satellites. I don't know where SkySafari get's its orbit data from. When I owned a Windows PC, (now a Mac User), I much preferred using WXTrack and Orbitron when it came to tracking satellites because I could actually go to Spacetrack.org and copy and paste the two-line elements (TLE) in manually knowing I've got the latest orbit data for the required object I was tracking. I miss not having a Windows PC anymore
  7. Same for me as well. I sold my six inch Celestron refractor last year because I was so fed up of the cloudy nights which far outnumbered those odd clear nights. I got a good price for it. I now don't crave wanting to spend my money on add-ons to the kit because it's gone. I purchased a simple Grab & Go pair of Opticron 10x50 bins and a decent tripod. I can honestly say I've got more use out of using the bins than I ever did with the scope. Ok, I don't have the magnification but I'm still pleased with my binocular astronomy. I'm also no longer freezing myself outside anymore because I can
  8. Magnitude will be about +8.0 when it appears over the horizon dimming to around +9.6 around 21.28hrs as it gets higher when DA14 crosses the handle of the Plough.
  9. I purchased the Pro version from their website so they have my email address. Maybe I selected an option to receive newsletters or something at the time. Can't quite remember.
  10. Just received an email from Southern Stars. We've updated SkySafari Plus and Pro to predict the motion of asteroids and comets using the same highly-acurate solar system physics as NASA and JPL. As a result, unlike any other virtual planetarium program, SkySafari Plus and Pro can pinpoint 2012 DA14 accurately in the sky. As far as we know, ours are the only mobile apps - and maybe the only desktop apps - that can do this. Here's a six minute YouTube video showing SkySafari Pro on action.
  11. NASA Television will provide commentary starting at 2pm EST (11 a.m. PST) on Friday, Feb 15, during the close, but safe flyby of a small near-Earth asteroid named 2012 DA14 http://www.nasa.gov/...y_Coverage.html NASASA Television will provide commentary starting at 2 p.m. EST (11 a.m. PST) on Friday, Feb. 15, during the close, but safe, flyby of a small near-Earth asteroid named 201
  12. I sold my 6 inch refracting telescope last year and have not regretted it at all. I too got fed up with the fact that in the UK with it's terrible light pollution and cloudy skies that it really wasn't worth my time and more importantly, the financial investment to carry on. I purchased a good quality pair of binoculars for those beautiful wide field views for those moments where there may be a break in the clouds. 'Grab & Go' is very satisfying indeed. I no longer need to worry about looking after and maintaining my equipment I once owned. I no longer need to want to purchase this or tha
  13. I know what Curiosity found on Mars but I'm sworn to secrecy until the official announcement.
  14. WX Track is only a Windows Desktop program which I use in addition to my phone Apps when out and about.
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