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  1. Dont mind at all. Thank you. ;-)
  2. Neximage scope mounted direct, first time i'd used the neximage.
  3. First try at Venus with my little SE4 and the neximage 5, was still early in the evening and the odd cloud passing
  4. Beat me to it, was going to say £886 delivered from TS site
  5. All sorted, James at FLO has come up trumps. Much appreciated service.
  6. Now strangely out of stock, 2 week wait
  7. Problem solved, back in stock at FLO. Ordered this morning
  8. Will have a look at the EU dealers listed on ADM site, see whats about
  9. Thought of that, but VAT and handling fee by royal mail pushes it up to £142 approx
  10. I have checked his site, but no ADM stuff listed. But will give him a call in the morning though just to make sure. ADM only list FLO and Rothervalley as UK stockists !!
  11. Anybody know the whereabouts of a ADM dual saddle for a CG5. Seem to be having a job finding anyone with one in stock. Is there an alternative i've missed ? Have emailed FLO about expected stock if any, just waiting for a reply.
  12. Can't get mine to change to avi for some reason, am I missing something ?
  13. Spent the evening Giving 24 scouts a guided tour of the night sky for their Astronomy badge. A very cold but enjoyable evening. Always nice to get a few wows while viewing Jupiter ,M42 etc up close . Hopefully a few budding astronomers among them.
  14. Thanks, I think the camera shows promise. Deff a step up from the spc900
  15. A quick session with a newly acquired QHY132e just to try it out. Taken just after sunset with a C6 sct on a cg5-gt roughly aligned .
  16. mchiv80159

    Moon 15-01-2013

    Taken with QHY132e on a C6 SCT
  17. mchiv80159


    From the album: Moon 15-01-2013

  18. I must have as she's a divorce lawyer :rolleyes2:
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