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  1. Thanks again guys, and Spaceboy thank you for your post which totally sums up the problems I'm experiencing. I think the binoculars will be a great way to quell the initial impatience to see things and as I start to understand more of what I'm seeing I expect I'll be more compelled to get to grips with the jargon / technology because I'll want to progress further. I'm off to a hamlet in France soon that has no street lighting and you can't even see your hand at night so will see what I can see with the bins - quite looking forward to it following your post BazMark! Thanks again everyone - I think I'll buy the binoculars and persevere with the scope.
  2. Thanks Banner001 - that was my point - that with limited sky viewing space (outside of a side window), no experience of astronomy / telescopes and not knowing how to set it up properly - I'm not seeing anything much so wanted a general opinion on whether the binoculars I was thinking of buying were going to be worth the investment. I should be able to see all sorts with my telescope as I believe its a good one - but what's the point of a car if you don't know how to drive.....Hopefully one day soon I'll learn to use it and be able to see Saturn!
  3. Thanks for all your replies. I'm in Hertfordshire, just outside Hertford. I think I'll take the advice and research the binoculars and learn the skies that way and take some more time to try to get to grips with the scope later...Learn to walk first! Thanks again everyone.
  4. Thanks Ant. I've contacted our local astronomy group in the hope that someone can help guide me in setting it up as I don't know where to start really - azimuths, polar alignments, even the red dot finder bears no resemblence to the image I actually see! Its all a bit daunting as a beginner with no previous experience... Do you think the binoculars are worth having though as an extra bit of kit? I know I won't be able to see things as clearly as a telescope but will I be able to see anything worth seeing do you think? I know that I'm asking for an opinion and that this is obviously only your own view, but would value you thoughts please (or anyone elses!). Thanks again!
  5. Hello I'm very keen to get into astronomy but haven't a clue how to operate my telescope...I've got a skywatcher 130pp. I can see the moon but nothing else. Also (I think because I haven't set it up properly) its very clunky. Its pointing out of a bedroom window giving a very limited view as well - not ideal when all combined!! As a result I was thinking about getting some binoculars and am looking at an offer on the Adler Kosmos 15x70's. I was thinking that with these I'd be able to view the sky from the garden giving me access to a wider area. Does anyone know how lightweight this model actually is (the website says very) and also how much I'd actually be able to see. My main aim at the moment is to see the moon in around the same detail as my telescope and hopefully the rings of Saturn as I've never been able to find it using my telescope... Hope someone can help! Thanks.
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