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  1. https://www.n2yo.com/?s=25544 A couple of nights ago I saw a really bright slow moving satellite go overhead so bright it was easily seen despite the so called super moon. I now use the above site to find information about them - as well as track them and the space station. A help for anyone interested who has not already found this place Happy sky watching
  2. Thank you for this load of info. I`ve bought a few of the mans books and seen a few lectures. This will be excellent for me to refer to in future
  3. Anyone seen any meteors along the A92 Andalucia this evening? I saw a really long bright firelike one that looked low down this evening about 7.30 p.m
  4. I found these and wanted to share...
  5. We gave our 5 year old grandson the best holiday ever because we showed him the I.S.S. from our terrace here in southern Spain. A chunk of reality for him because he thinks we live on Thunderbird 5!
  6. got it! Its Vortex 3. I´m new to this satelite thing so I´m pleased i found out what this was!:happy6:

    1. Pig


      Well done ?

  7. Just looked on the stellarium and instead of Betelgeuse it says artificial satalite. Ran for a look outside but too misty to get a look. Any ideas which satelite?
  8. Wow! an amazing photo! https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap180313.html what do you think?
  9. Thanks for the sad news. Our little grand daughter is called Hayley and our son has always called her Hayley Bopp after the comet so I must tell him the news
  10. Thanks all. Will tell my astrologer (lol) to look again! (He was a metallurgist not a sky watcher anyway in his pre-old age years so I excuse him). Sorry about the astros mix up - think I must have had too much vino tinto the night of that post!
  11. on the 22nd July, after 11.p.m or thereabouts going from south to north my husband said he saw the russian satellite. He said it was brighter than jupiter. He didn't know what it was not being an astrologer. I told him about the satellite so he said he thinks it could have been that. We saw the ISS last night but no sign of the other satellite. He said the ISS looked smaller than the object he had seen. Ive no idea if he had seen the real thing or not. We are in Andalucia southern Spain.
  12. thanks for the help. Im now going to look into it - and spell it correctly!
  13. Hi, I heard of this star that moves. Anyone any info please? I have looked up some but it says nothing about it moving. Sorry if its a silly question
  14. Thanks for this post. What a shame for me though! We were going to Lot with friends that used to live there, unfortunately we couldn't meet up because I had broken my hand last year. I have complications and have to have it re-broken in hospital any time soon so have to wait at home. I never knew it is a great star gazing place! Next year we will make it a definate...
  15. http://www.skyandtelescope.com/online-gallery/return-of-the-comet-encke/ get busy everyone
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