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  1. Haven't visited this website in many years. Moved from London to Chandler's Ford last year and just happened to login again to see if any local astro meetups down this way. Coincidence that the first thread I stumble upon is yours. During my Sunday afternoon internetting I've found these two clubs: https://hantsastro.org.uk/ These guys seem active and are over Pompey way. http://www.solentastro.org/ These guys are closer to Southampton, but a fair bit of the info on the website is out of date so wonder how active they are. I'd imagine there are some decent dark sky spots in the
  2. Thanks for the info. Have the same problem with the same model as you and was getting completely lost reading the other threads. Will be nipping out to buy the required spanner and allen key. Cheers...
  3. She's a very enthusiastic person but the intonation of her speech...with the all the unnecessary pauses...between every phrase...can get on your proverbials. Tis an interesting programme though all the same.
  4. You've got to love the fact that it's advertised on Gumtree of all places. Used to only be any good for second hand freezers and kids toys. Now it appears to be a one stop shop for all your research grade hardware needs!?
  5. Sadly doesn't apply to TV gear though...
  6. Managed to (just about) get along to the WOLAS meeting last night. Listened to a very interesting talk on Exoplanets. Unfortunately had to dash home to give my 11 week old his 10pm bottle so didn't get a chance to stay and chat.
  7. It's on Monday and I'll be dropping the kids off at Barnardos on the way if they kick off this time.
  8. Didn't make it in the end. Something always manages to scupper things. This time it was a collaborative meltdown on the part of my kids who both decided to go all Fukushima on and my partner just as I was about to walk out the door. Next month. Next month I will make it!
  9. Good old Jim. Another quality programme from the best science broadcaster out there at the moment. Wish they'd give him the same billing as Dr D:ream.
  10. I notice that Beeb4 are repeating an old programme from 2007 called Starmen this week. BBC - BBC Four Programmes - Time Shift, Series 5, Star Men Being new to the hobby I haven't seen it before. Is it worth a watch? Should I be keeping an eye open for any esteemed SGLers having their 15 minutes of fame?
  11. I must admit that the title of this thread made me chuckle in a Carry On Observing kinda way. But that was nothing compared to the guffaw which was prompted by this promo shot on the Webster website. A modern classic I think you'll agree.
  12. I don't know of any at the moment but I'm heading along to my first WOLAS meeting next week so I'll ask the folks there and let you know what they recommend. Are you anywhere round Harrow way?
  13. Hi all, I'm relatively new to all this and now the evenings are getting darker I was wondering if there's anyone around NW London (Harrow) that fancies getting together to drive to a decent dark sky site once in a while? All the best Stu
  14. I'm down in Harrow. Am looking for a few folks to meet up with to do some observing. Do you lads know of any groups round our way? I've joined WOLAS and am heading along to their meeting Monday after next.
  15. Cheers Guys. All useful stuff to be reading at the weekend. Thanks a lot.
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