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  1. Hi Tom, One more thing I'd like to ask. I was thinking of replacing the 6" scope with an 8" but use it on the same SE mount. I also have a 2" quartz diagonal but will it clear the base of the mount? And is the Celestron C8 OTA (black tube) exactly the same as the NexStar 8SE in terms of tube length and dovetail? Will an C8 OTA like that clear the base if I used the 2" diagonal?
  2. Stuart, it's working good now. I tightened it like you said and now there's no slipping and no need for a counterweight even with the heavy 2 inch diagonal and the Ultima LX 22mm eyepiece that together weigh in at over 1kg. Thank you so much! Cheers, Cosmin
  3. Thanks for the reply, Tom. I'm asking because I was thinking of replacing the 6 inch tube with an 8 inch at some point in the future, but I will have to look again and see what is causing the tube to slide back. Is your altitude bolt tightened so hard that you cannot move the scope manually up and down? And are you using some sort of counterweight to balance the scope?
  4. Is that the really big one? It seems tight because I tried tightening it one time and I couldn't any further. And I am able to move the scope up and down by hand but I thought that was normal.
  5. Yes, I am sliding it down as far back as it is possible but still the 2 inch diagonal and 2 inch eyepieces are too heavy and the tube falls back and it doesn't work when trying to slew forwards. Cheers,
  6. Hi, I would like to ask those of you who own the Celestron 8SE if it can manage to hold steady the 8 inch tube without shaking and also are there problems with the scope sliding upwards when you are using a 2 inch diagonal and a heavy eyepiece? My 6SE can't handle the weight of the 2 inch diagonal + Ultima LX eyepiece and keeps sliding upwards. That's why I am looking to buy a counterweight soon. But will things be worse with an 8 inch tube if I decided to use it with this 6/8SE mount?
  7. Can somebody who owns a NexStar 6SE tell me please what is the maximum recommended magnification for planets? I just bought an 8mm TV Plossl (187.5x) but I haven't had the chance to try it yet because of the bad weather, but what about a 7.4mm TV Plossl (202.7x)? Under a dark, unpolluted sky and good seeing would this be too much? Regards, Cosmin
  8. I think I'd go for the Celestron Ultima LX 32mm. It's great quality and much cheaper than the Panoptic/Nagler and not even that heavy at 500 g. I bought the 32mm and the 22mm used a while ago at a really great price. I use them in my Nexstar 6SE but I'm sure it will be even more fitting in a large newtonian. Cheers, Cosmin
  9. But I have a 2" diagonal. What is the maximum TFOV with the Nexstar 6SE using a 2" eyepiece? Is it the same as with a 1.25" because of the telescope's baffle tube limitation of 27mm?
  10. Yeah, I can't wait to try them out, the 22mm and the 32mm Ultima LX eyepieces because I eventually bought both of them. A review would be nice although I've never written one before, being sort of a beginner in this hobby and English not being my mother tongue. But anyway the biggest problem are these clouds that just won't go away for quite some time now... at least here where I live. The weather was much more favourable for stargazing in spring than it is now in summer.
  11. Thanks for the replies. I made up my mind and decided to go for the Ultima LX. Russ, I know about the Meade 5000 SWA and I'm sure it's great but I'm only upgrading because I found a used Celestron eyepiece at a very good price here on the forum.
  12. Hello, My scope is a Nexstar 6SE and I currently own some Meade 5000 series Plossls (20mm and 26mm) but I was thinking of buying a Celestron Ultima LX 22mm eyepiece in order to have a wider field and possibly increased sharpness and contrast. I would like an opinion from those who already own this eyepiece. Is it worth the upgrade? And especially is there any kidney-beaning or blackouts with this Ultima LX? Because ever since I looked through some Hyperions and the William Optics SWAN 25mm I'm afraid to buy wide angle eyepieces because the blackouts were terrible. I couldn't move the eye at all because I couldn't see anything. The Meade 5000 eyepieces have 60 degrees and are so comfortable to use and I got used to them but 70 degrees AFOV or even bigger would be even better I guess but I just want to make sure I won't regret replacing them with wide angle ones and end up struggling to see the field of view. Clear skies!
  13. Hello, welcome to the forum!
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