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  1. Welcome to SGL and I love the fungi and macro pics
  2. Thanks for the information. I am aware of the Norman Lockyer observatory. I went to the open day plus an introduction to astronomy lecture day. BTW I live in Exeter
  3. Has anyone got recommendations for the best locations to stargaze in Devon or surrounding areas? I presume Exmoor & Dartmoor but would like to know if there are any specific locations that are better than others or any spots astronomers tend to frequent? Thanks
  4. Just to add a note to this discussion. The visible acuity (apparent brightness) of green light is eight times that of red light for the same power.
  5. Currently in southern France, warm, clear skys cold wine..... binns out and camera on tripod.
  6. The best thing about this is that even Einstein is actually being questioned and not being taken on blind faith!!!!
  7. No that's right mass bends space-time and light travels in a straight line on the curved space time, so the external observer sees a lensing effect.
  8. August 6th is an open day at this observatory. Hope to be there
  9. Thanks for the list Psycobilly..it's made it on to my bookmark list
  10. Hi all, I am looking around for an distance learning course for astronomy but have been put off from open university as they seem to be withdrawing from hard science subjects. As an alternative I have seen seen various UCLAN courses and wondered if anyone has had any experience of these good or bad that they would like to share?
  11. Hubble has competition me thinks..
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