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  1. I did, sorry mate - Winters went a down a treat, as did your company, sorry buddy, I try my best, but occasionally forget someone like Colin and Alan. We hammered the Winters Gold when you left. I really should have remembered you xxx
  2. We had a great time at Drumroamin, Wednesday was clear, the rest was poor visually. As usual we had a great time , many casualties, Lee was our star, never seen a lap dancer at Drumroamin. So many great folks to meet up with. It's not all about stragazing, but if you get that, it's a bonus. Friday was incredible. Lesley put on a feast bettered by none. We had a video presentation by the Astronomer Royal, recognising Mike, bet you wont beat this. It was emotional, incredible, and the best session I have personally seen. Thanks must go to Steve for this. I hope you guys had a great time in Coll, and a personal thanks to The Astronomer Royal for setting this up. What a great time, Damian, Lee, Ian, Derren Kelvin, Steven, Adrian, Haydn and Christine, Martyn, Pete , Les, Chris, Phil, Jim and Dawn who broke a finger. THE THINGS we do for stargazing.. If I forgot you , I was probably drunk. Get well soon Dawn xxx David x
  3. Hope you don't mind Damian, I copied and shared a couple of those on our Astronomy Scotland Facebook group with credit to yourself. David
  4. To be clear folks, it wasn't phone numbers I suggested it was just numbers i.e. me 1, next person 2, next person 3, at the moment, next person should be 8, hope this makes sense, Damian is 6, Calvin is 7 etc. feel free to remove phone numbers for privacy. David
  5. Might be interesting to do a head count by just adding your name to this thread, at the last count we had 17 coming From Astronomy Scotland Facebook group. So I'll start by adding my name and number, just add a name and whoever is next add number 2, then 3 and so on. David - going 1
  6. That was interesting, had a video call from the director of the production company. New linen required. She asked many questions, and asked how was I in front of cameras, I said well I'm here now. So looks like possible 40 minute Galloway Documentary. She also wants to meet before the event to get my background. Drunk old fart with some astro knowledge. Canny wait, This could be huge for us guys.
  7. Hi Folks, exciting news - a film production company who work with the BBC are coming to film Galloway Star Camp. David McLean and myself have been chatting with the guys for a few months now and it's finally been given the green light. They aim to make a mini documentary highlighting amateur astronomy in Scotland. Fingers crossed for clear skies. Purchasing new kit is now forbidden lol.
  8. Anyone know where I can get an adaptor that fits the illuminator to the slot in the dovetail, I'm sure I saw someone 3d printed them or supplied them ! Thanks David
  9. Looks like the rev 80mm then - oh sorry 3 1/2" rev adapter. Or would a 2" diagonal be better, mainly gonna be used with dslr although I have an Opticstar coolair 75 colour I'd like to experiment with, what do you think folks ???
  10. Hi Folks, just bought this scope from a retailer https://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/skywatcher-evostar-72ed-ds-pro-f58-doublet-apo-refractor-ota-case.html I can't get focus on a camera or eyepiece without a long extension. Is this normal out the box? Do you normally need a long 50-80mm extension to make these focus. Might sound a daft question, but I was dismayed - need to order an extension now. David
  11. A wee ditty I just threw together to mourn the sale of my Dobsonian Ode to Big John I saw some epic sights with you Vega shone like crystal blue Jupiter’s belts were an awesome sight The Great Double Cluster set the eyepiece alight Orion nebula just can’t be beat And Saturn the best astronomy treat I’ll miss you Big John and the stuff you did track But I’m getting old and so is my back.
  12. Glad you enjoyed it Tony. And yes, the skies were stunning. My cloud and rain dance worked It's always nice to pass on little tips that help fellow astronomers, when they benefit, we all do, from someone else posting lovely images. I'm sure your bed will be well inflated next year from past experience hehehehe. Anyhoo always good to introduce someone to the Star Camp fraternity, we are a friendly bunch.
  13. Tony has said he'd be back. I had a hot bath when I got in and am currently watching TV with a nice 12yo. It's blowing a hooly in Perthshire and I noticed a BIG aurora alert. Clouded out here so I'll be having a quiet night in, all by myself watching TV then a comfy soft warm bed - See yoo all soon David
  14. Arrived Thursday, Martyn Tony and myself. Pete couldn't manage as he'd put his back out. It was blustery and wet, but we got set up, fed, and headed for the whisky tasting station. There were many malts to try and share. We met some old friends and some new friends. That's what I love about The Drumroamin Star Camp (maybe it should be re-named). The friendship and helpfullness of everyone is an inspiration. Friday wasn't great, so another warm room meeting, exchanging stories and tips for experienced stargazers and the newcomers. Saturday saw Tom and young Calum arrive. Calum has only just got into astronomy. We assisted him at an earlier star party and his enthusiasm is so exciting, as are his astrophotography results. His imaging from a fairly basic setup are astonishing. He will surely blow us all away as his pockets empty from the next purchases he has already showed an interest in. Saturday was looking good with a stiff breeze slowly easing, a fleeting rain shower around 5pm saw us all running for scope coats. We weren't put off, the skies cleared and DID THEY. Come darkness, there was a feverish expectation, everyone rushing around doing final preparartions for the night ahead. I was suffering from a knackered back and was limited to what I could do, but Martyn kindly loaned me his skywatcher wifi dongle and I played with it for the 1st time. I was pleasantly surprised when I got the measure of it. Basically, it does away with the handset and you do everything from your phone (make sure phone is well charged) I then use Sky Safari Plus to control my scope go-to's . (I have a 12" goto dob called BIg John) I saw Saturn, Mars, Andromeda, The Double Cluster which I never tire of looking at and many others. Tony was at his 1st Galloway Camp and we offered to assist him with his scope, camera and viewing through other scopes. He was stunned with a horizon to horizon Milky Way, he saw Saturn, Mars, Double Cluster. We showed him Mirror Lockup on his camera, a small but useful tip when doing astrophotography. We also showed him how to change his screen colour on his camera, again a useful tip. These are things we all take for granted. But someone has to show you these things. The skies at Drumroamin never fail to impress weather permitting. My back problems saw me retire early regretfully, I was gutted but health issues saw me in bed around midnight. Adrian called by in the morning and kindly offered me some cream to rub on my sore bits. Thanks Adrian. I think this has to be one of the best skies I have seen at Drumroamin, I'm just peeved my back gave out and I never saw more. Heyho bring on the cream Adrian. See you all soon at The UK's friendliest Star Camp David
  15. I have a bottle of this, should I or shouldn't I ????? https://www.oldandrarewhisky.co.uk/products/springbank-9-year-old-fresh-rum?utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=googlepla&variant=34757331781&gclid=Cj0KCQjw0dHdBRDEARIsAHjZYYA_nE_dxphOFulMKKZLBpOA4mVetJTprEUDwKloSvZh030apJyfNEMaAnsmEALw_wcB
  16. Car is packed, not easy with a bad back but I got there. Just need to squeeze Pete's stuff in ???? oh I still have my clothes to go in ????
  17. Stay safe folks, we will bring the good weather. See you Thursday David
  18. Sorry Tony - just in awe of your trek to Abernethy 2 years ago. That was true dedication :)
  19. We will sort you out - we always carry big hammers
  20. You'll be there, rain hail or shine, Oz has 2 cracking rums I have a nice Vanilla Malt. Old Tony is a guest who is attending Galloway for the 1st time, he is a member of Dundee ASTRONOMICAL society. We will look after him, and show him the ropes. He enjoys a dram but his health is not so good. This is why we have the FRIENDLY star camp - clear skies folks David
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