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  1. Hehe. I've seen something like that for sale for about £60. Your's looks like it's built to last, unlike the overpriced option. Nice work. :-)
  2. BigJohn

    Hi from Scotland

    Hi, neighbour. I'm in South Lanarkshire, do I know your part of the world. LP is hard to avoid, but your only an hour away from really dark skies, so think portability. Definitely try before you buy, if you can. Failing that, you'll get sound advice in here.
  3. I wish they did go out. However, I fear that I might lose my gear to looters, taking advantage of the cover of darkness. :-)
  4. You have to make sure that you have it square and in exactly the right spot. The better the eye relief, the better your chances. That said I got this through my 15mm EP
  5. Pleiades and the Moon were the things that pulled me in when I was a kid. Binos is the best way to see them. Gonna miss them over the summer.
  6. It's such a lovely sight. Got my best ever views last night. Devoted 2 hours to Saturn alone. I even managed to take this with my phone at the EP
  7. Point 2: you can with an iPhone. if you don't have an EP bracket, you need a steady hand... Which leads to point 3 :-)
  8. BigJohn

    Hi all

    Hi Andy. Hope your skies have been as good as mine at the moment. :-)
  9. Another wonderful sky last night. I started later so I could devote my session mostly to Saturn. I was determined to see the Casini Division, but I'm not really sure whether I succeeded or not. I could just about discern a darkening at the outer edges of the rings, it was very faint and not as central as I would have expected. I know my scope's not the best for planetary viewing, (Nextsar SE8) but I was able to easily pick up other impressive details. I could see the shadow cast on the rings by Saturn, as well as the shadow of the rings on Saturn. There was some nice banding too. So why no Casini division? Are my expectations to high? Is it easier to see when Saturn isn't too low? Are my eyepieces wanting? (used celestron omnis: 25mm, 15mm and 9mm) do I need another scope for planets? All hints, tips and advice are welcome. :-)
  10. I wouldn't think so admittedly. O've only seen flares at night, but this was far to fast. Like I said, it looked exactly like a meteor. I know fireballs are visible in daylight, but they're bigger and survive long enough to be slowed somewhat. This was a streak that covered about 30 degrees of sky and was over in a fraction of a second.
  11. Has anybody seen a meteor during daylight? I'm sitting in the garden, trying to glimpse Venus, and what appeared to behave like a meteor shot past the moon... NW-SE or is it time to get my blood pressure rechecked? hehe
  12. I had a wonderful night at the scope, last night. I finished it off with a long hard look at Mars. I could see the polar cap, and a little detail on the surface. The thin is I would really like to find a decent, not overly detailed map of Mars, so I have an idea what features I looking at. I feel that this would helper pick up more subtle features in future observations too. Even just knowing what side of the planet is facing me would be welcome. Anyone got any recommendations?
  13. Caught it too. Amazing seeing Venus when the sun is still in the sky.
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