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  1. HI rubberman, Hope your well? and thanks you does the word with the astrix say what i think it will say, those fluffy looking things regards Yusuf
  2. Hi Rusty Strings (John) Thanks very much Hope your well? Yusuf
  3. Hi sevs23 (Steve), Vicky, Dann, foundaplanet and Willarnold, Thank you all Hope your all well? what a friendly bunch you all are:D Yusuf
  4. Hi glowjet, Brendan of Borg, johnh and michigander, Hope your all well and thank you. regards yusuf
  5. Hi Olly thank you very much. i see your in France, I will be there in a couple of weeks near la rochelle, for a weeks vacation. yusuf
  6. Hi brantuk Neil McRae hope your both well? Have joined the social 'group east mids' thanks Neil will take up the advice. yusuf
  7. Hi Astromart, david o,bunnygod1 Thanks hope your all well? regards yusuf
  8. Hi DavidValentine Thanks so much for the advice yusuf
  9. Hi brantuk and JBM1165 (James) Thank you both and i hope your well? yusuf
  10. Hi Rubberneck There is a help thread that you can ask a question on and every one is helpful Super Nova yusuf
  11. Hi John 'jahmanson' Hope your well? Thank you for this, I have passed the binocular stage some time ago and I have had a very cheep telescope that i used in Cyprus when I worked there for some time. My interests are varied, but hope fully the Open Uni course will help in time. yusuf
  12. Hi Sim 'MorningMajor' thanks and hope your well regards
  13. Hi Ant, thanks mate regards
  14. Hi all and prbaxter, thanks for all of that. Super Nova Yusuf
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