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  1. ok will give that a try thank you very much
  2. ok got that now thank you and I only took single shots until I get use to how it works and no idea how to stack images at moment its all new to me have googled a lot but not as helpful as asking those that know so thank you
  3. single images at moment until I understand it better thank you
  4. this was my question was clear on screen until I captured image then did not look so good also how do I zoom in to preview please and scope was set up about an hour before viewing thank you for helping me
  5. had a play with sharpcap last night of moon was not happy with images and had problem getting pictures clear I was using skywatcher 150pl and bresser full hd deep space camera any advice on getting quality better on sharp cap please
  6. thanks you so much for your help will give it a try next time I am home
  7. thank you and last question should the image just appear on screen once it focuses or do I need to change settings thank you
  8. ok will give it a go is it ok to leave 2x barlow attached thank you
  9. good evening I have tried this all ok until I attached camera then it just showed yellow/green screen do I need to change any settings on pc or should image just appear thank you for help
  10. good evening iam looking for help setting up my BRESSER Full HD Deep-Sky Camera to my skywatcher 150pl have attached a 2 x barlow and attached to telescope and set up sharpcap software but only seem to be getting yellow and green screen that does change colour if I point in different direction and it has lines through it but no image displayed have read many hints and tips and watched videos but still no luck can anyone advice please many thanks tony
  11. have down loaded that but same problem this is all new to me just need some help setting it up be good if it was auto focus what settings do I use please
  12. good evening bought myself this camera for my skywatcher 150pl anyone else got one if so do you know how to set it up and how to use toupsky as read manual inside out but still cant get it to work any help please my main use will be moon photography so need to know settings if possible please BRESSER Full HD Deep-Sky Camera & Guider 1.25
  13. only ever done that once realy hard to capture
  14. took me ages to get the settings right but some times they don't work just trial and error thank you for your comment
  15. its a sky watcher one so hopefully it works thank you
  16. sorry yes eye pieces I have a 2x barlow will that be ok
  17. not from full moon on the 7th but from 8th that was much better taken old Portsmouth uk
  18. good morning I have loads of lenses etc just wondering if they can be put on camera please?
  19. need some advice please anyone know if you can fit lens to front of this before inserting in to telescope to make images closer ? many thank tony
  20. can anyone tell me rought time best for viewing please as i was out at 19.00 could see the moon but no panstarr ? any help please
  21. hi alex thanks i have another problem i do not drive ?
  22. the house i had before had the bigest wall it was unbalevable at least 80ft as i have been relocated the wall is behind me north and to my east with houses and trees to my west at the moment i only have the loft faceing south i will just have to unlock the clutches if noone got any more ideas thankyou for your help
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