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  1. can anyone tell me rought time best for viewing please as i was out at 19.00 could see the moon but no panstarr ? any help please
  2. hi alex thanks i have another problem i do not drive ?
  3. the house i had before had the bigest wall it was unbalevable at least 80ft as i have been relocated the wall is behind me north and to my east with houses and trees to my west at the moment i only have the loft faceing south i will just have to unlock the clutches if noone got any more ideas thankyou for your help
  4. as i can not see north from attick it is hard to align i have it set up on long and lat and compass set to north if i was to turn on tracking and programme moon in would it track it even if i had to ajust scope slightly ?
  5. thankyou i was worried i might damage my scope as it is motor driven ,would you say it is ok to move it manualy by hand and best way to do this sorry for all the daft questions
  6. good evening proberly a daft question but is it possable to get my scope to track moon if i focues on it and set auto track to moon as at the moment iam unable to do an alignment from my back garden at yet another new house with bad viewing have a sky light in attick pointing south only ,i can manualy track but takeing photos i have to keep moveing scope and was hopeing some one may now the answer dont want to set it up for nothing any advice welcome please.
  7. great pictures what settings did you use on your canon please as i have a 600d and setting nearly the same and was this with t.ring and tube ?
  8. any thoughts on this Celestron NexImage 5 Solar System Imaging Camera just over my budget ?
  9. james i have t ring and tube tried alsorts thanks for your help
  10. james have tried my 350d with conector just can not get it to focus images are white if you have any ideas please let me know i now have a live view 600d have not tried this yet
  11. spc keeps turning off and going fuzzy .have some money saved so thought i would upgrade anyway never realy liked the quaility of the pics so its not a bad thing.
  12. hi james have not got any pictures saved now was useing registax think spc was on its was out thankyou for advice peter have had a look at this qhy5v it looks very good thankyou was woundering if anyone else has any thoughts on this one before i buy it tony
  13. hello i was woundering if anyone can help me i have a skywatcher 150pl on eq5 mount and a spc900nc webcam but was looking for something a bit better for takeing photos of the moon i have done loads of a focal digital camera which iam happy with but would like something else i find the spc900nc pics are not good i have a budget of about £150/200 dont now if i can get anything for that i have read other topics on here and viewed loads of webcams but cant make my mind up as there are loads of mixed reviews. hope someone can help me please many thanks tony
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