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  1. Dead easy to find, once you know where it is. My girlfriend was bouncing round the garden, in excitement, the first time I showed her.
  2. Brilliant. Cheers, guys!! I've really being enjoying Jupiter, on the odd clear night we've been having, but fancy some new challenges. This will be my first upgrade!!
  3. My birthday on the fourteenth!! Best be clear!!!
  4. Evening, all. I've received a celestron 114, for my birthday. It's my first scope, but I'm by no means a beginner at astronomy. Long story short the red-dot finder scope is bleeding useless. It has zero magnification and You can only see the the very brightest objects in it, so I need to upgrade it. Question is: how do I go about this? Is there a particular make/fitting I need. I've read a few people have drilled holes in their scope, to fix a new finder-scope. I won't be doing this. Anybody got the same scope that could shed some light on the situation. Cheers!!!
  5. Cheers, guys! Im already looking at buying a Barlow x2 and a couple of filters. Got a lot of reading to do, for further purchases. Exciting times!
  6. Cheers, guys! Im already looking at buying a Barlow x2 and a couple of filters. Got a lot of reading to do, for further purchases. Exciting times!
  7. I let it cool for a good twenty minutes, would this be long enough? To be fair, there is a street lamp right under where I was observing Jupiter, so this probably didn't help. Can't wait to get it out again, although I've just looked out the window and its completely clouded over! Bleeding typical!!
  8. I had the bins out, last night, loving the clear skies. I showed the mrs andromeda, and she was so excited, a actually jumping up and down. "Would that look better through a telescope? Because I've got one in the boot of my car!" It was ment for my birthday, in December, but she got totally over excited and let slip. It's a celestron astro master 114 eq. Having a bit of a game aligning the red dot spotter scope, but I did manage to get a good view if Jupiter. Was a good size in the scope but I couldn't make any detail out. I'm guessing a filter of some kind will help bring some detail out. Anyways, this is my first scope, so very very excited!!
  9. 'Pocket universe' is a brilliant app, for the iPhone. The main feature Is the real time sky, including planet's, galaxies and such. It also has jupiter's and saturn's moons real time. I use it quite a lot and it's fantastic for a few quid.
  10. I moved from haweksly, not to long ago. Out towards the backroads there are some really dark sites, in and around the red hill road. There's always he might pollution of Birmingham to contend with when looking in that direction, though. I also found an observatory, randomly, about two minutes from where I used to live! It belongs to Birmingham university, having researched it.
  11. I actually found this really fascinating!!! "...and then God created Saturn. And he liked it, so he put a ring on it"
  12. But the thing is, I wasn't even expecting to be able to see it! So to see the definite shape and so large was amazing. I know it's just a blob, but when you think what you're looking at and how long the light has travelled to earth, it's just incredible.
  13. So, I've had a few sessions with my bins, probably only about thirty minutes at a time, over the last month. I was blown away after viewing Jupiter and clealy making out some of the Jovian moons, but left disappointed after not being able to find said galaxy. Anyway, tonight I found it! I think, to be fair, I had been looking in the wrong place, because as soon as I pointed my bins in the area WHAM, there she was! The un-mistakeable grey blog I'd searched for for weeks. Although it is a faint grey blob, I'm amazed just how big it is! Mind blowing stuff! Just out of interest will a, smallish, telescope show much more detail?
  14. If you managed to follow it for a bit I very much doubt it was a 'shooting star', as they appear and dissapear almost in the blink of an eye. Most likely a satalite, I would guess, buy I'm a novice myself so maybe wrong.
  15. Ok, cheers, again, people. Crystal clear skies this morning. Let's hope it stays like it for the evening. Had about half hour of viewing, of the moon, from my bed, with my bins last night. Now that is lazy astronomy!
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