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  1. Don't get used to the level of service Swarovski gives, and expect it elsewhere! Unfortunately they are nearly unique in the optics world for quality of product and aftercare. Leica and Nikon please take note! Brilliant little bins you have there. And the best bins are the ones that you carry. Have fun!!
  2. I bought the 1.25" WO prism at first, to watch birds in the garden on my TV85 (mainly to allow me to sell a Pentax spotter scope). This was quite good but would not let itself be pushed too far before becoming soft. Excellent at birdtable-ish 20-30x. I used a Swarovski (Meade branded) zoom EP. My logic was then to go to 2" as it must be better, right? Wrong. Noticeably softer at high mag although a little brighter (not much imho). I concluded that the smaller clear aperture in the 1.25" version must act like "stopping down" a lense diaphragm, increasing the image quality. It was not the sco
  3. I have an older 40mm TV wideview that's pretty big but lovely to use, very much reminds me of a 41mm Pan I had. Perverse that it's one of my most old and low tech but favourite EPs! Other than that, I wouldn'like to be hit in the face with my ES 100 20mm, and 13mm Ethos!
  4. I was in HM forces, don't fret Floater, I was on the right side!!! Most interesting optical things we had to play with at that time was IR scopes (heat signitures) and Starlight rifle scopes (these would have made a Televue 85 on top of a rifle look tidy and nicely compact!!!).
  5. Wow, 38mm!! On the plus side, you can stay warm and watch through your EP from the kitchen window then! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. I missed my 41 Pan in the same way Derek, this has nicely filled that urge. Not sure I could resist another Panoptic though. That 55 Plossl will have about a fortnights eye relief! You'll heve to update us on how you get on with it. Just for info, the "grenade" is an oversised plasic container that looks the part. An actual grenade is smaller and the modern ones are made without the fragmentation grooves, ie, snooth.
  7. No, left....... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Here's my TV 40mm Wide Field (AKA hand grenade) I bought off Derek to fund his TV habit above! Just for fun I photographed it with a grenade. The Grenade is the one on the right. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Bargain at £80 Shane. You'll love it mate. Hi Derek (DRT), that is indeed your old 40mm in my case Sir! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. I have a 40 TV WF and a TV32 Plossl myself Shane so I'd be intrigued too. Bet the Nagler doesn't get the same points for eye relief!! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. I put a 14mm Baader "fine tuning ring" or FTR on my 2" Ethos barrels. It might be the wrong colour but it means it feels more secure and a 2" cap fits fine. I imagine it lining up better but that might just be the engineer in me. You can still use 1.25" filters but beware of contact with mirrors or prism diagonals. Imho, that screw is a waste of materials. YMMV.
  12. Happily I've just got hold of a used Denkmeier Power x Switch. Not got it yet, just paid for it. I've been after one for a while. Anything I need to know from the collective mind here re using it? I have a TV85 and a Tak 60 (with short tube and Moonlite focuser so lots of in focus) and want to use it with a single EP as well as with a binoviewer (older Denk model). Anyone forsee any issues? All guidance gratefully received.
  13. What a cracking good set up Gordon. I share the same feeling with mine, years of small steps and couragious big leaps (£££!) to get that feeling. As someone mentioned though, you only see their true value when it's dark and you can't see 'em anyway!
  14. I briefly owned some of the legendary Sard 6x42 military search and rescue bins from WW2 era. Was impressed by the wide afov at 70 degs (actually the same as Nikon 8x30 EII), and the coatings are impressive for this era (yes, coatings!). Great views but very tiring to use as they're SO heavy, and the eye cups have to be removed if you wear specs (not a big job). As to the 8x30 Nikons, don't be put off by the 8x, they feel less powerful with the wider field (8 degs afaik), and are a doddle to use for extended periods. Recommended!!
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