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  1. Hi there , I am starting out in astronomy and after lurking on Stargazers lounge for a few weeks, I have decided I am ready to dive in with a the 'Mighty Mak' Skymax 127 Supatrak. (As it provides great views, is a good starter scope for moon/planets/clusters– kinda portable and able in the future for a bit of light AP.). I had a few questions about other stuff The finder that comes with the 127consistently doesnt get good reviews. Can you provide a recommendation for a basic red dot finder? I know nothing about eyepieces save that the ones suppplied with (any) telescope are often ok-ish. Is there a reasonably priced recommendation that gives a lot of bang for the buck? I know you can get super duper Baader eyepieces, but budget is an issue. Do I need “Barlows” on the 127 I'm interested in? Barlows are just extension tubes, right?? (Can you stack barlows and eyepieces? or does it just end up looking like this http://www.whattofix.com/images/TelescopeMan.jpg ??) Where can I get a power pack for the 127? I have found SGL super super helpful in helping me decide to buy my new scope- from First Light Optics! Just need to tweak the requirements s'all. Very much looking forward to your responses!
  2. Hello all - am on the cusp of buying Skymax Supatrak 127 - will probably look no further than FLO to be honest. This seems a dead good place to pick up advice and friendly help. Looking 4wd to contributing experiences etc.
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